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Saturday's DT

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I dropped Sampson off at the groomer's this morning for a shave down. I miss him already!! I'm waiting by the phone for her to call me to pick him up. He's so cute!!

As I was getting ready to leave I brought the cat carrier out and set it in the middle of the living room and opened the door. Sampson and Xavier ran over to it and started checking it out. Xavier climbed in and Sampson walked around it sniffing. I had to force Xavier out of the carrier!! He didn't want to get out. I put Sampson in and Xavier jumped on top of it. Too bad my cats hate the carrier huh?
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Does Sampson have long hair? Will he look like a lion? Is it to keep him cool? I know! Questions, questions, questions! Long haired cats are so pretty; that's why I am asking.

Today western PA is pleasant. We had a tragedy yesterday. It was school picnic day at Kennywood Amusement Park, and a sudden storm, which was probably a tornado, tore through the park, cutting down trees and removing roofs, moving cars, etc. Many people ran to the Whip, which was covered with a roof to escape the wall of water that was fast approaching. You guessed it. The wind, or tornado (not officially designated as such, yet) took the roof down. One young woman, 30 years old, was killed. Many adults and children were injured, approximately 50 in all.

I was home. The sky got really dark, I heard thunder, and by the time I got to the back door to let in the dog, there was a cloudburst. There would not have been time to make an announcement at the park to warn people. It happened so suddenly. Fortunately, my collie was at the door, barely damp. He runs to the door at the first clap of thunder. He is not hyper about storms, but he knows I always call him in. Those poor kids at Kennywood! School picnic day will always bring terrifying memories. People could barely walk; the wind was so strong, and parts of trees were flying around like missiles. It must have been terrifying!
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Yes he has long hair, he is a Persian. He is going to be getting a lion cut(sort of) because for one he HATES being combed and it's warming up here and I want him to be comfortable. He's so much more friskier without his thick coat. Hmmm.... They still haven't called me... I'm such a worrier!!

Geez, Jeanie that's awful. What a scary thing to have seen. When I was younger I was terrified of floods and the street outside of the apartment I lived in, the drain didn't work very well and the street would fill up with a ton of water and I would panick. My mom would have to drive me somewhere else because I'd freak so badly.
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Good morning! I'm enjoying a nice quiet day here at home. I'm on my.... ummm... 5th?... cup of coffee and just enjoying not having to go to work!

Spawn is doing terrific. She's being her old self! She's still on antibiotics, but her temperature is back to normal, and while she's still not eating as much as I think she should, at least she IS eating some. The vet is sure she'll make a full recovery, althogh it would be nice if she'd lose a little bit of weight while she's recovering.... she was kinda' fat.

Jeannie, that is terrible about the storm! I grew up in Nebraska, and I know how scary tornados can be. I feel so bad for all those people.... especially the kids!

I'll bet Sampson will be absolutely adorable when you get him back! I wonder if I should try that for Spawn? Although we do keep the house airconditioned through the summer, so the heat isn't really a factor for her!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Hot, hot, hot. Temperatures are running 105-106. I've got swing shifts through the weekend. Poor Bill has been tearing down and rebuilding a paving machine, all week. Rowdy has decided that Ike is fun to play with. She runs around the coffee table and sneaks up on him, from the rear. Ike looks so shocked! That's why we leave Ike outside, when we're both gone. The house might be wrecked. Have a good weekend!
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Morning everyone.....

Still pretty much housebound, but I did walk out to the pasture this morning to find that Racer took down the fence. Thankfully, we have an electric wire on the top of the rails, so when the fence went down, the crackling of the live wire on the ground spooked him enough to keep out of the lush grass. Mike thinks he went looking for me, I believe the two visiting grandkids next door spooked him a little bit, he is not used to rambunctious little boys. LOL So hubby had to do some fence repair this morning. I miss being out with my beast, and was thinking I was getting better, but yesterday, when hubby took me to see Star Wars and Spiderman, I found all I wanted to do was go home and lie on the couch. Some exciting date I am.

I think if there were an Olympics for litter-throwing, McKenzie would take the gold! Mike said the cat room is just covered with litter, so he has to go up there and clean it all up. Guess there is some good to convalescing eh girls? LOL I will probably put a deeper box in there for McKenzie. Her babies are doing *fine* MacArthur has been renamed to Big Mac, when I finally post the pictures you will see why- this kitty is HUGE! I was thinking Macster (take on Monster) but Mike nixed that idea. Well, I just wanted to say hello and thank you all for your prayers both for McKenzie's family as well as my own recovery. I am coming along slowly but surely.

Jin I am so glad Spawn is doing so well. Did they ever figure out what was wrong? Or was it just "undertermined illness" that vets like so well when they don't know what happened?

BadHabit, we are getting ready to get Kabota clipped down as well. He is bringing in blackberry vines and all sorts of treasures from his romp in our fields, plus it is getting hotter and he needs to stay cool.

Jeanie, that is awful what happened to those poor people. My prayers are flying.........

Take care all
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Its a hot 90 degrees here today. I just went to the bank and Costco, now I have to go to school to drop off my final research paper for english. Yeah! I'm finally done with it. After that, I have to get an oil change and go to the grocery store. Later on I am going to my sister's 8th grade graduation party. And sometime today I have to squeeze in the laundry and house cleaning. :LOL: I doubt I'll get either of those done.

Jeanie, thats such a sad thing that happened at the picnic. Its horrible that so many people got hurt. Thankfully there weren't many deaths...I feel for the lady who died's family.

Have a good day! :daisy:
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The weekend is pretty much over for us but at it has been a wonderful one!

We left off for a short break with family and friends on Thursday and just returned home a couple of hours ago (it's past 9 PM over here). We went up north to the Golan Heights with little baby Ron, hubby's parents and our frieds. We stayed in the kibbutz of my brother-in-law in their B&B rooms. We went to see places around there - some archeological sites (the local version of Massada, where 5000 people committed suicide when the Romans came for them. Here are a couple of links for those who are interested in holy land history:

We also went to see the local deer reserve and the wonderful Hula reserve:

Other than that we just spent a lot of time relaxing in the kibbutz. You can see what it looks like here:
It's a wonderful calm place (all kibbutzim are) with great views and wonderful cool weather. We went to see the cows and strolled in the orchards picking the cherries off the trees - it was absolutely wonderful!

Hope the rest of you enjoy the remainder of your weekend!
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Sampson's Home!!

When I went to the groomer's to pick him up the girl told me he was a wonderful cat and he was so good even through his bath. Then the other groomer came out and told me how cute he was and how good he had been.

Anyway He looks awesome!! I asked them to leave the hair on his legs long and take down his body and tail, just to leave the little tuft there. They took the hair down on his legs a little shorter than I hoped but I don't think I was specific enough. He looks great though and I'm sure he feels great since he isn't hiding.
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Hello to everyone!
I am just enjoying a relaxing weekend off. Doing nothing other then petting the kitties and playing zoo tycoon dinosaur digs! this game is so cool and very addicting! I am having so much fun playing it!
It is a hot day here but I am not complaining! at least there is no rain. I am really tired of that! Hope you all are blessed with beautiful days and lazy weekends too!:tounge2:
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Just got home a bit ago. Yesterday I flew into providence, went to the WPRO show at the Dunkin Donuts center, got up today, drove to the tweeter center in MA and hung out at the KISS 108 show. Flew back this evening. It was a hectic day and a half, but very very beneficial. Got a lot of work down. Spent a lot of quality time with our clients.

Does anybody know who Craig David is? Can I just say that man is AMAZING!?!? so talented and is english, so the accent makes me melt. He is so charming, and when you meet him, he makes you feel like you're old chums. I got a photo & when I get it back I'll try and scan it.

Luckily I got all my laundry and dishes done before I left, so I came home to NO chores! Yay!

Hope everyone is having a peaceful weekend!
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