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odd clicking

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hey, you guys should see what my female cat lexy does when she sees a bird. her lower jaw moves up and down REALLY fast and she makes this clicking noise. does that sound normal? it really freaked me out the first time she did it cause i was holding her. just wierd and wanted to see if you have heard of this before.
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Welcome to TCS

My first cat, Bridget, used to do the same thing when she saw a bird.
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A lot of cats "chatter" when they see birds or other interesting prey. Some people believe they're practicing the "death bite".
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Many cats do that, every single one of my cats do. All the ones I have ever had did too.
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Mine do it too - it is as if they can't hold their enthusiasm in! Somebody here on this Board named it 'clacking', which I think decribes the sound very well!
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I think 'clacking' is a great word. My cats do this too when they see a bird outside or if they've spotted a fly in the house they are trying to catch. And it sounds just like "clack!" over and over.
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Ripley my female does this, but Fergus and Steuben do not. Heck, Steuben gets right down to business when he sees a bug or spider in the house, and systematically dissects it...legs first!!! Forget the clacking!!!
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thanks for the quick replies everyone! ya, lexy is the one who does this...bob, the younger male, does not. he just goes right after something if he wants it!
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Rocky does it at the laser pointer. It's very common and very cute. I swear it's probably the most asked question in the behavior forum.. I think I see the queston about once a month. Rocky was the first cat I ever met that did it!
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Barkley does this almost everyday when he looks out the window and sees the birds on top of the balcony!! I love that sound, and I laugh sometimes because he sounds so pitiful when he's doing it , almost like someone else on here said it's hard for him to hold in his enthusiasm over seeing a potential meal!! Also he goes into this trance state when he begins clacking (I too like that word!!) and you can wave your hand or another object in front of him and he will not take his eyes off of whatever is making him to that Petunia on the other hand does not do this and if she does I have never had the pleasure of hearing it!

Does anyone else's cat's tails sway back and forth as they are clacking? Does that have any significance to go along with the sound?
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Hmm, I've noticed that with many cats i've had in my life...I think it's just them getting excited and "chittering" to themselves...
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