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I hit a bird!

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Dog gone it, you guys should just nickname me the bird basher!!!!

I posted a thread a couple of days ago asking for opinions on how to keep birds from flying into my pond at home and drowning.............

Now I go to lunch and I am driving along.........two birds fly out from nowhere and one makes it and one doesn't............I hit it with the front of my car..........I cried all the way back to work............

I LOVE BIRDS!!! What is going on????????????? Poor little thing........
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Awww Susie that's terrible!, you didn't mean it though, so try not to beat yourself up. I would be crying to though
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Aww poor birdie!! Its okay. There is nothing short tof wrecking your can you could have done to miss the poor bird. We won't label you a bird killer.
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It was a accident... You did not mean to do it... Prayers are with you and the bird to heal...
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Thanks guys............I assume I killed it, but I don't know.......I pray that somehow it made it..........
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Aww-its ok.....dont bash yourself over this. I know I would feel bad too, but accidents happen. I can say though I would cry too, but hes ok now, he is in birdie heaven!
post #7 of 14's ok, dont fret about it. I myself am a bird-killer. And I feel awful. But people kept telling it IS OK! lol.

He just flew right into my windshield. He didnt make it. I pulled over to check, because I was near a state park with a naturalist that works there that I know, and if the bird was just hurt, I was going to take it in.


The little fella was dead.
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Oh no Susie, I'm so sorry to hear about that!
You are just having horrible like with the poor birdies aren't you? It was an accident, don't beat yourself up too much!
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I've done that before too. It was a dove who flew right in front of my time to stop. I was shaking and crying because of it.

You couldn't help it.
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Awww poor Susie! no luck with the feathered ones lately, huh? We know you didn't aim for it, so it was just an accident
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I know you guys are right........just makes you feel awful........I can't imagine hitting a deer or anything larger.....I'd be scarred for life!
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Heads up Suzie. It's not your fault at all. We have suicidal birds ramming into us all of the time out in our area. It's sad and sometimes disgusting but unavoidable.
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It totally sucks to hit any animal. I'm sorry the little bird flew into your car..but it's definately not your fault. Around here, it is often that people hit deers and raccoons. I've hit 2 raccoons with my car. It is AWFUL. The poor things just run so fast right in front of the car...there is no way to avoid them short of crashing the car.

It's very traumatizing and sometimes you can't help but feel guilty. But it is never the drivers fault unless they are aiming for the animal (which I hope they never are).
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Awww, don't feel bad sometimes I think they are sick or injured and just want to pass on. My Dad hit one the other day. I was following him home, I saw the bird in the street and slowed down, the bird finally flew, but he flew too low, and my dad was in the lane next to me, and well I was kinda mad at my Dad at first, I was like what do you think I slowed down for! But it was not his fault. Don't worry, I'm sure the little birdy is flying freely over RB now. I'm sorry you had to see it, I hate to see it too, but it was unavoidable. HUGS to you
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