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radio question of the day: 05/24/06

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone and couldn't remember their name?
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Nope, I'm usually excellent with names, its only if I haven't seen or talked to the person for yeasrs that I forget
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Too many times!
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All the time!
I'm so terrible with names
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Many times! While I was staying at my Parents', my Mum and I would chat to people on a regular basis and neither of us would remember their names!
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Yes!! I am HORRIBLE with names. I love nametags for that very reason!!
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For the longest time we did a lot of events with a couple that lead our club. We knew what the husbands name was but not the wife. He always referred to her as his wife. No one knew her name for about 6 months or so . Finally we were over at their house and I peaked at some of their mail and sure enough on the front was her name! Yay....later we found out that was her full name and she actually goes by a nickname.
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Yes This happens usually when John & I go out with his friends that I don't know, and I have a conversation with them, not knowing who they are or what their names are! I always feel stupid, cuz they know me!
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I always forget names too!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I always forget names too!
Who are you by the way?????
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I do it all the time. I try to call my clients by their names anytime I can, and I forget their name alot of the time.
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Yes, many times. It usually takes me 2-3 times of them mentioning their names and then I'll remember it. If they tell me once, I'm screwed.
I did try one time to remember it after they said it the first time. that was a mistake
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Unfortunately to many times to remember. I am SOOO bad with names.
I see a face that looks familiar, but I can never seem to remember the name that goes with the person. I have to know you for a LONG time I guess or at least see you on a regular basis to remember your name.
I blame it on my seizure medication.
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I'm actually pretty good with names, but that is no guarantee Yes, I have been in that situation -- not comfortable.
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I forget them all the time. Then when I do remember, I always doubt myself so I don't use their name if I'm not absolutely certain.
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i'm pretty bad with names. I mean there have been times when i drew a complete blank with a couple exbfs, like ones that I was with for years, sometimes I would be like.. "uhh omg what is your name?" And then most recently I got a little buzzed and was talking to a pretty good friend and I swear I had not idea at all what her name was. Not one clue.
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Usually I'm pretty good...but my husband NEVER remembers names. We'll be talking to someone and I don't know who they are and he doesn't introduce me (usually I'm burning up cause this is rude and he was really raised by wolves) so then I say "I'm Heather by the way, and you are?" with a big smile... afterwards hubby says..."thank God I couldn't remeber their names!"
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