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Howdy All

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Howdy everyone,
I have enjoyed browsing through the posts and other material on this site. I am the new owner of a Maine Coon kitten and a Himalayan kitten that my wife got me for my birthday. I have been looking all over the internet and found this site to be particularly helpful. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to talking to yall http://www.alpha1hosting.com
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Hi there! It is really nice to have you here! I am moving your thread to the Welcome section, if that is alright, so you may get a proper welcome here!!! I hope you make yourself at home and post often!
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Welcome! I think you'll love this site as much as I do!
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I wanted to show everyone my new kittens
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Those kittens are adorable--innocence personified! Oh, yes! The lucky daddy! I didn't mean to neglect you, but I'd like to steal your kittens. Welcome to the CatSite. I hope you post often and show us these beautiful babies as they grow. We want to hear about their antics, too!
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Thanks for the kind words. The Himalayan (Benton) is the most active kitten I have ever had, he can get into anything. Cosmo is a Main Coon and is the most loving kitten. He will sit in my lap for hours and purr while i manage my web accounts. They have really brought a lot of joy into my life.
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I have Siamese cats and have raised a few litters. When they are babies and a real contrast in white and dark brown (blue, too, of course) their little muzzles look like a dollop of hot fudge sauce on vanilla ice cream. They are so adorable; I could just kiss them to pieces! That's the way your Himalayan looks now. I'm going through kitten withdrawal!!!Help!!
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Your kittens are lovely. I have a cat named Cosmo too! Hopefully, your cosmo will not be as insane as mine:LOL:. Welcome to the site.

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lol, Cosmo is the sweetest thing. He loves to cuddle up and purrs like it is going out of style. Ben on the other hand is into everything. Its like living with Jesus and Satan in the same house..........lol
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My absolute most favorite cat was named Cosmo. Sadly he went to the bridge when he was only two years old. That was three years ago and it still hurts like it was yesterday. He was so sweet and snuggly, but was also hell on wheels for all the trouble he would get into! But I didn't mind a bit, cause he was mama's boy!

Purrs to your two cuties!
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Oh my goodness they are soo cute! Welcome to TCS!
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T-Reb, what smashing looking kits. I'm jealous of that wonderful first year you will have with them, as they learn and grow, wreck your house, taste their first spider, discover a full bath, climb their first curtain.....
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Welcome to TCS - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Your babies are beautiful and I also know the joys of having a devil and an angel in the same house. I hope to see you post often.
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Thanks for all of the kind words. They are a handfull to keep up with thats for sure.
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