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Breeding Munchkins

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Hi Sandie. You mentioned that you breed munchkins. I have told the ups and downs about persians, so, how about you and anyone else out there, telling us about munchkins?
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Although this will be my first litter in the house. I have been involved with the munchkins for ahwile. There really are no ups and downs. It is very similar to having a domestic cat. You can have litters of any size. It's like gambeling, you never know how many kittens will have short legs. There have been a few kittens born with a condition called lordosis. It is a curvature of the spine. However this is not a "problem" with the munchkin. It has been seen in domestic cats. They are really just like the domestic cats. They do seem to run a lot faster and they can get under more stuff. I have had so many people comment on the fact that we are breeding cats to be challenged to put it nicley. If that is so, then I think they should go after the breeders of Dauchounds and corgis!! After all, Dauchounds do have back problems!! Over all, they are just fun to have around!!
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Hi Sandie,
I just wondered if you had a webapge?
Or a place I could see what the muchkins look like??
Some times I get people asking me if I know where they can find muchkins.
And since I only breed persians and himalayans and don't know any munchkin breeders, I just thought I'd ask if you had a website.
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First I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

I have also heard many stories about back problems similiar to the Daschund - why are Munchkin breeders now looking for other breeds to cross breed with? I have only seen pics - none in person. Linda
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Okay, to the first reply, yes I have a web site. It is http://www.sandkats.com. There are pictures of the ones I have and some good information on where they started.
As for the back problems. They do NOT have any back problems like the Daschund. I have been trying to change the comparison to the Corgi dogs. The only back Problem that has been reported is Lordosis which shows up at birth. It is a gross curvature of the spine. However, they can not link it to just the Munchkin. It has been seen in domestic lines as well. As for the crossing with other breeds, it is actually not acceptable to do so. I have heard of some breeders who do this and sell the kittens to pet homes. This should not be done. In our club there are no allowable outcrosses other than a non recognised domestic cat. In person they are very fun. Most people think they are hampered until they see them in action. I have had several people change their minds once they saw them. There is nothing they can't do that a cat with long legs can. They are normal cats in every respect except for the shot legs. It was love at first sight for me!!!!
Hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to the new year!!

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