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I'm Getting A Facial!

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My lovely fiance got me a spa package for Christmas and I decided to save it for my wedding. I just scheduled my facial (in a week). They said as long as you are 2 weeks ahead of the big day you should be fine. I don't even know what a facial does! I'm excited anyway.

I then scheduled the rest of teh package 3 days before the wedding. This will include for 1 hour each, an aromatherapy massage, manicure, and pedicure. I've also never had these done proffesionally (except a massage once). I want my hands to look natural. Do they put polish on? I don't know if I should do anything color wise...

I'm excited even though I don't know what they will do!
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You will have to give us a detailed report... I have never had any of it done
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That sounds lovely! Please keep us informed of what all happens, because I have never had one either.
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If they polish, it is usually just a clear top coat, unless you ask for something else.
If you decide on a color, I'd suggest a nearly clear pearl.

And I must say, I'm jealous, I could certainly use some pampering myself!

Enjoy your spa days.
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The manicure can be anything you want it to be. You can get a french or american that is just the tips painted white. Or you can have them just put a clear coat on for you!! You are going to have so much fun! be sure to fill us in on how it goes!
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If you want your nails to look natural, but nicer, you should ask for a French Manicure. It has no color except makes the tips whiter, and has a clear or slightly pink tinted polish. It can also be done on the toes if your toenails are not too short. It is really pretty, and gives the appearance of well groomed hands without much color. It is very popular among brides at the salon where I work.
Pedicures are a wonderful thing. I had never had one until I start on my current job, and now I can occasionally trade a massage for one. I could sit all day in the foot soaking tub with the lovely warm water and wonderful smelling stuff they put in it to soften your feet. After the soak, they exfoliate your feet until they are very soft, file your toenails to shape, and usually do a foot and calf massage, folllowed by polish.
It was so thoughtful of your fiancee' to give you such a nice gift!
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I got the works done before my wedding too! that was almost 4 years ago and haven't had a pedicure since I also got a facial, that was nice, the only things I really remember is that they wrapped up my face in warm towels and used a mask too, very relaxing
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I like the ideas to keep my nails looking natural! That sounds very nice and just like what I want. I'm so excited . I've been sitting here reading about our honeymoon location. We won't be going for anotehr month after the wedding but I'm so excited about it. I've been reading all the reviews on tripadvisor. I guess they have a horseback ride where you go through the jungle down to the beach, then you get to take the saddles off and ride in the ocean. I"ve always wanted to do that! I love horseback riding.
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