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Any Ideas???

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I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas as to what breed my cat is. I know he is a mixed breed, but I am wondering what breeds he may have in him. His mother was plain gray, but she had often given bith to pointed cats, some looking like lynx point and others resembling seal point. She had often given birth to kittens with half a tail and no tails at all. He resembles a fluffy lynx point to me. He aslo has only half of a tail. Just curious.
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Do you have pics for us to see ???????????
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Here are a couple.

Here he is with his brother. I got them as a pair.
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Sounds like a mix but probably has some kind of manx and siamese/oriental in the background. At any rate, the cat is carrying both the tailless and pointed genes to produce them Also has a longhair gene too

Friend of mine had a mix who resembled a cross of a manx and a main coon.
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Looks like a manx mixed in with Birmans???
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