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Good Morning All!

It's been months since I've wandered around TCS! I've been so, so, so busy with my new job and just life in general...I know, I know that's a lame excuse for neglecting TCS .

So what's been happenin' on the board the last few months?!? Anything big and exciting? Well I know there's probably been lots of stuff but I really need a run down!

There's been lots goin' on in my life. I received a promotion at work (which of course translates into more work and stress ), a nice raise too . I've been home to NL and back, my Mom turned 50 (we threw a HUGE party for her ), getting ready for our beach getaway...etc, etc! No trouble to tell spring/summer is here, busy, busy, busy!

Oh, and of course my girls, Pepper and Pixie are both doing extremely well. Pixie a.k.a "Little One", just turned a year old...she thinks she's a "big girl" now and tries to bully Pepper......needless to say Pepper teaches her otherwise...! Gotta 'em!

Well I must get back to "looking busy"...I've gotta keep this postion now I've got it!