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Bath Day...help please

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Four of my little monsters need baths, they were outdoor cats but we decided to keep them inside from now on, only problem is that they are pretty dirty from being outside. I cant take them to a groomer, cause they would be a handful, they would all probly freak out.

So Im going to attempt to bath them at home.

Any tips? I know they are going to put up a fight, but they need baths or at least get washed off with water.

Im a little nervous, but i also have my boyfriend to help me.
How do you guys go about baths with cats that hate it?I have a feeling im gonna have a lot of scratches by the time the day is over.

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I would try a good thick pair of gloves and if possible do it in the a sink. I tried it once in the bath tub and with all the extra space to move around, it's easier for them to escape. Good Luck !!
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There are a number of different possible methods listed on this thread http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86753 different people think different ways are better good luck
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There are several recent threads on how to bath cats. I responded to a few of them with instructions. Check out some of the "bathing" questions and you'll find the answer.

Its too long for me to type it all again - just look for my replies
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With four cats, you may have to do things a little differently. First, put all four cats in a bedroom or other room with a door and keep them in there. Then go in the bathroom and fill the tub with about three inches of water that feels slightly warmer than lukewarm to your wrist. Like bathing a toddler- never leave them alone in the tub either. It's better to do this in room with a door that closes. I don't have a sink that is the right size, but you could also try that, especially with a laundry tub or soemthing. Hissy uses a bucket, and I'm sure she's bathed a thousand cats.

The tub works just fine for Zissou. Once you get the cat wet all the way through, you can use a little bit of cat shampoo rubbed all over your hands and then through the fur. Then I cup my hand and use it to pour water over her just a little at a time, don't dump a gallon of water on her or anything. Rinse her with new water. Dry very well. For all four cats you'll need at least six towels! They sometimes like to shake off like dogs, so let them. Then take your damp cat to a different room with a door, shut it, go get another cat, and bring him in to fresh new water and repeat. If you let any of the unbathed cats see a bathed one you will have more stress and disaster. Make sure to talk softly and sooth them through the whole process too.

If you know somebody who owns fly fishing boots, borrow them. You know, the rubber galoshes that extend up to your thigh with the suspenders. I don't wear gloves, but Zissou doesn't fight it.

And NEVER NEVER NEVER get their head and especially their ears wet. You can run the forehead/back of the neck part over with a damp washcloth if you need to but never get them wet.
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When I do multiple cats, after the one gets washed, they just stay in the bathroom and sit on the rug in the corner. I don't take one out and put it in another room to dry. After all are done, I just leave them in the bathroom for about an hour and they are fine - by that time they are just about dry so I can let them run.
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