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New baby...

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Yesterday at 2:58am CST our new cat -Half Pint (she's a rescue kitty - we trapped her from across the street, because we didnt want to see her become someones tire ornament and because we have been trying to catch her since last year - we have her 2 sisters ) decided to surprise us all and give birth to her first baby! This came to us as a surprise, because when we took her to the vet, the doctor said that she wasnt pregnant!?!?! Well, the baby, Quarter Pint, was born prematurly. She was only about 50 days into pregnancy when she was born. She is about 4 inches long and has no hair and looks more like an ailien then a kitten. The vet was shocked when my mom and dad brought Mom and baby to him first thing in the morning. He is concerned that the baby may not make it because of how small she is and how much work it will take to keep her alive. Half Pint is very well, she doesnt want anything to do with the baby and the vet said that she basically aborted the kitten because she (Mom) was dehydrated and getting sick - there seems to be a really bad cold going around here - so in order to get herself back in order she got rid of her baby. The day before, my dad took Half Pint into the vet's office because she wasnt feeling good and that is how we found out that she was dehydrated. They gave her fluids and a decongestant and sent her home. That night is when she gave birth. So now my mom, dad and myself are on shift work, keeping the newest addition to our family alive. Quarter Pint is the most precious kitty I have seen. She has a meow that could shake the foundation off base! My family is going to see to it that we prove the vet wrong about her possibility of not making it. With God on our side I just know that we will make it. She is now 30 hours old and looking good!
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I am sending good vibes to you and quarter pint. Prove that vet wrong.
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Yes - please prove the Vet wrong!

Please keep us in the loop!!

When you can - we would love to see pics of Mom and Baby!!
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Bless her little heart! Sending out prayers that she will make it, and mommy will accept her when both are stronger.
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I will have some pictures up as soon as I can. I have been taking them since right after she was born...

Thank you again and I will keep ya'll posted
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Originally Posted by CrystalMarie
I will have some pictures up as soon as I can. I have been taking them since right after she was born...

Thank you again and I will keep ya'll posted
You know...if mom is ignoring the kitten..you may want to have mom spayed. That way, she won't get pregnant again. Please keep her indoors only until she can be spayed.

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All of our cats are indoor cats. The only time they go outside is via cat carrier to the vet's. We are getting her spayed in 2 weeks, so that she can heal from giving birth as well as get over her cold. We have only had her for 2 weeks, she has made a lot of progress from being the scared little girl she was when we first got her to the girl she is now. She gets along with the other kids (aka cats) that we have. Once she came into the house, as my mom and dad say, she stays in the house. I never could understand how someone could let their cat go outside with the risk of getting hit by a car or being hurt by another animal. But, I guess it depends on the type of person that adopts that cat...
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Fingers crossed for little quarter pint!
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Thank You
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Anything new? Have been thinking about your little one. Keeping good thoughts.
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