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taking 5 week kits off mum

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molly's kittens are 5 weeks old today.
they are no ware near weaning, and the most i have acheived is getting them to lap water from the dish.

vet said that he would not spey mum intill the kits are 5 weeks old and then on soild foods.

when mollys kits were 4 days old, she escaped from the bathroom, after ripping the bath panel off and escaping under the floor boards.
she wasnt out for long, but then it dosnt take long for conception.

we have no idea if she is now actually pregnant from that episode.

vet said that at the worst she could be almost 5 weeks pregnant, and he would spey her right up to 9 weeks in, if she is. however for saftys sake the eariler she is speyed in the pregnany the better.

i have also been told that they want to wait 7 - 10 days for her milk to dry up and from today i have to take her off her kittens during the day, but can return her during the night. they said that the kits will eat the food when they are hungry.

although molly has been spending more and more time away from the kits, she is going mental for them, and the kits are crying the place down trying to get to her.
we now have the opposite problem, molly is trying to get in to the bathroom instead off out.

what the hell am i ment to doi?
surely this isnt right?

i asked if i should suppliment then kits with KMR and the vet said to just start them on kitten food mashed with water or mild and give them water only.

any ideas or help, feedback appreicated.
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5 weeks is very young to be seperating mom from kits..but I do understand the situation you are under. I would highly recommend PMing Beckiboo, since I believe she has been through a situation like this herself.

Good Luck

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I'm sorry ... this really is a horrible dilemma for you, isn't it? I completely understand why you are concerned about Molly having another litter. But the discomfort she must be in by not being allowed to nurse when she needs to as well as the distress to her and the kittens by being separated IMO is more of an issue now.

At 5 weeks pregnant, you should be able to physically ascertain changes in Molly's body ... do you observe a filling-out in her middle/sides? Does she seem thicker, more substantial when you hold her? What is YOUR gut feeling here ... do you think she is pregnant?

If I were you, I might call around in your area and get a second opinion on whether or not you can safely spay her now. While I am not a vet and most certainly cannot begin to advise you here, it was my understanding that spaying a queen will terminate milk production and that is why so many vets will not spay until all kittens are eating consistantly on their own.

Please check in with a few other vets and see what they say ... and please let us know how it goes?

Hoping for the best,

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If theres no choice but to take the kittens off her now I'd try to find babycat by royal canin. VERY tiny pieces that my stubborn kittens took to right away(didnt want wet or kitten milk) possible look into having a shelter do the spay-they might be more willing to perform it on a nursing mother. RJ
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Personally, since you tried this plan and everyone is miserable, I would give the kittens one more week with Mum. Try to encourage them to try the kitten food by mushing it with KMR during that time.

Then give it another try...separating the kits from Momma by day. Or even take 1/2 the kits away at 6 weeks, (the ones who are eating solids well), and leave the other half with Momma part time. When you separate them, can you get more than 1 door between them? Maybe put the kitties in one bathroom, and Momma in another bedroom (away from the bathroom).

Maybe ideally you would spay her early...but having her be a basket case isn't good for anyone.

Also try calling other vets...maybe someone will spay her now while she still is producing milk!
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