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Found kitten: it has URI, does it need Milk?

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I just found a kitten. It has URI and i am treating it with Spersanicol eye drops. There is some sneezing fuffling and occasionally watery eyes.

I'm feeding it a mixture of felidae, chicken & liver all mashed up and added to that some cat safe herbal caffeine free tea and aupplements as recommended on wholisticat.com.

For a feral kitten it is very very cuddly and will snuggle up on my chest, though it will hiss at me a bit when i first go into the room.

When it snuggles up it seems to be looking for milk. I think it is about 8-10 weeks old. Does it still need milk?

If it does then should i give it camel milk? or the KMR kitten formula?

Vets here recommend camel milk because it does not cause diahrhea in cats.
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probly doesnt need meek....most cats are weaned by this age......is the kitten drinking water?
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It probably doesn't need milk but it might want some milk if it does then maybe give it a bit of camel milk if that is what your vet recomends and see how it goes
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Have you taken it to the vet yet? He/she might need some antibiotics as well. I would'nt think it would still need kitten milk, but the vet would be able to tell you. They probably base it on weight and overall health. I don't think it would hurt, if it won't eat anything else. The milk just might make its tummy upset.I don't know about the nutrirional value of the camel milk, so I'd say go with kmr. Good luck, please keep us updated
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we're taking it in to the vet tomorrow to get an abcess drained and a health check.
will let you know the out come.
no diarrhea. no vomiting. just sneezing and runny eyes.
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If the cat is indeed 8-10 weeks, it won't need KMR or another substitute...it should be eating canned kitten food just fine. The diet you've concocted actually sounds wonderful...not sure about the tea part, but if it's a holistic remedy to help with the URI, I'll admit I don't know a lot about holistic pet care, so you're probably doing everything right.

Antibiotics are the quickest and possibly most effective way to knock out a URI. Another thing that can help, is to lock the kitten in the bathroom with you, and run a HOT shower for about 20-25 minutes once a night...kind of like how you would treat a baby with the croup. I find this helps a lot.
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Well the tea is decaffeinated so it's really more like a broth

The vet is coming over today. I think a house call is best as i don't want to stress her out plus one of my own cats has to be vaccinated so we can just add her bill onto our vaccination.

She's so thin that it is possible the vet may recommend some KMR just to help her gain weight.

But i will let the vet decide on that.
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