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New Home for Ashes

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I've been crying for hours now, but we had to make the decision of getting anew home for our Ashes. We tried everything we could to help her get along with the others, but she just cant get along with cheeto because he wont leave her alone. I can't stop him either. It seems he just wants to play, but its getting serious.

I am going to post her online in a week, but first I wanted to know if you guys could help me out. If you know anyone on this site that lives in houston or surrounding areas who is willing to take her in, please let me know.I trust everyone on this site more than I would anywhere else thats Y I ask here first, I know she will have an exceptional home if Im luck enough to get someone here!

SHe is a very sweet kitty and shes beautiful, that picture does her no justice. It's just her and cheeto that dont get along, she prefers to have all the attention to herself. This is not the happiest moment of my life, but I want her ot have a home like here or better.
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i wish i could help you, but not only am i at my cat limit - i think perhaps Ashes would do better in a 1 cat household. good luck - i hope you can find another TCSer to take her
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I would call the local cat rescue groups, like PALS, and get their help. they have websites, and they display the adoptees in Pet Smart, and they can provide a foster home. How long have you had her? I am assuming you tried all the methods of introduction, camoflaging their smell. Just keeping them separated until they grow out of it. sounds like cheeto might be jealous, needs extra attention? Good Luck
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