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Wednesday, 24th May: Daily Thread

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Morning all!

A drab day here in Manc Land - apparently it's in for the week

How are you all doing mid week? Hope you're getting better weather than here!

I have to get cleaning and tidying today as I got a letter through about yet another inspection from the Agents! Oh what fun!

Have a great day everyone!
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At least you're gettin warned about visitors this time!!
It's sunny and cold here today. I spent the night on my own last night and couldn't get to sleep so I am absolutely shattered today. Could do with being home...
One of the witches (hahaha thats what they are) I work with is having some crisis and I'm fed up of hearing about it. Should have brought my mp3 player to work...
Have a great day everybody
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True! But they want to come at 2:45pm!!! That's pretty much a day at home as I'm certainly not having them come in the house without me being there!! Grrrrr!

Oh, it sounds like your ears will be ringing by the end of the day! Maybe you could sing to yourself to drown out the witches whines?!!
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Oh I hate waiting in for something!! So annoying.
I do have a song in my head but I don't know who sings it! It was on the radio this morning, it's starting to grate on me now as I only know the chorus
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I know, you're up and down like a yoyo everytime you hear something! I might try to get them to come earlier on!

I hate when you get a song in your head that you don't really know! What is it? I'll get the lyrics for you!
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Hello! Bit of a miserable day here but the sun has come out as I'm typing this! Hope it stops for a bit.

Another broken night's sleep with Mosi last night. He woke me up twice - at 3.30am and then at about 5am. He's just wanting to cuddle up to me in bed but almost suffocates me as he likes to lie right up against my face! I really don't want to shut him out as I will have to shut Jaffa out too and he's only just gained access to the bedroom, having been shut out of there at night pre Mosi, and he's such a good boy and so pleased to be able to sleep on the bed. Am hoping Mosi will grow out of the need to wake me up in the night just to tell me he loves me!

Hope everyone has a good day
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Good Wednesday morning all!! It looks as though its going to be a busy day for me. I already have a good little bit of work that I should be doing right now but here I am on TCS. I can't help it!! Its going to be nice and HOT today like it has been all week. Ugh!! I need to get the air conditioning in my car serviced soon!!
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I went to my german course this morning, came home and made lunch.
Meeting a friend for dinner later, might take my digital camera out to take some pics and see how they turn out.
Its prety dark outside it said we arent due for rain but maybe it will later

*must take umbrella with her*
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Today is our third wedding anniversary and my husband came home yesterday, so I'm pleased as punch.
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Have to work again today. I am so burned out.
It rained like the dickens here at 5:30am. It woke me up and I was up the whole time. It lasted an hour. Thunder, lightening the whole shebang. Honey slept right through it! Not me though, I hate storms. They scare the tar out of me. I don't mind a rainy day, but it's the thunder and lightening that scare me.

Other then that, not to much going on. Never is on my work days. I try not to over do it when I have to work, or I won't have the energy to work.
That's why the house is always a mess on my days off. Ah the sacrifices I make!

Have a good day everyone.
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Up early -out the door at 6:15. Worked 6:45 until 2:30. Filled the box of the truck with weeds and leaves. I must have dug out 4000 thistles!! Only a few of the bad Canada thistles though. Relax tonite watching American Idol.
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Home sick with the flu or something. Achy all over, even my skin hurts, lol...Guzzling OJ like there's no tomorrow and I am actually feeling better so I'm cleaning a little. Don't wanna push myself but it makes me feel better to be in a clean house! Have 2 housecalls to do in a little while, then back to my couch to watch Idol....ONLY in hopes of seeing Chris on again, (and maybe for some reason, Bo, if I'm lucky? ) not because I care who wins anymore...
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Hope you feel better soon. I heard Chris is singing with Live tonight. Maybe that will make you feel better?
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