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I'm back

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Hey everyone,

I'm back from New Mexico.

While I was gone, I have gained another furbaby. Yen is still missing, but a family saw our lost posters and phoned my husband and asked if we'd be willing to take in a cat that wasn't ours because their kids were allergic to the cat. She is a siamese mix(?) and I've decided to name her mittens. We are still looking for Yen.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi to everyone.....It has seemed like far longer than a week!!!!
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Glad you had a great time! Welcome back!
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Welcome back. Congrats on the new addition, I hope you find Yen soon!
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WOW how was the trip and congrads on the new arrival that is amazing
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Good to see you had a good time! Any pictures to share?!

Oh and a new addition, what a lovely homecoming gift! Still sending }}}VIBES{{{ for Yen to come home!
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aww congratulations on your new furbaby!
i hope you find yen soon!!
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What did you think of the program? Where were you? I'm sorry, I missed the fact that Yen was missing. What happened?
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