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Hi! I am new to the site, but definitely not new to owning kittens. Surprisingly enough, I have never had a kitten sneeze so often! Normally it is just once or twice, but this kitten sneezes all the time! Poor Thing! Anyway, at the moment I have 3 cats and 5 kittens. Also, I had a momma cat who has hidden (or possibly killed) her first litter!! Any helps? Thanks!
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Cutekitties - first of all Welcome to TCS! I wonder if your new fur babe is suffering from Feline Upper Respiatory Disease Complex? You should have the kitty checked by the Vet. It is contagious among multiple households. It can be treated with antibiotics, etc. to make kitty more healthy. I assume that your others are up to date on their shots. However, could be an allergy, or something else.

Is your momma cat indoors or outside? Feral? Stray?
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I had a cat once that sneezed all the time, and violently. Her mom had pneumonia while she was pregnant, and all the kittens died but one. She had respiratory problems her whole life. I helped by washing her face at night with a clean wet, warm washcloth, and bringing her in the bathroom with me while I showered. She was also more susceptible to colds.

Do you know your kitty's health background?
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Right now I have the "sneezies" going around. It's an upper resp. problem and you should get your cat to the vet because if it is that all the cats may become ill. Be very careful with the kittens. They can become ill very quickly and die just as quickly if not treated.
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LOL!! Nevermind, but thanks for the help. The day after my post he stopped sneezing, and hasn't sneezed since! I am glad b/c I was worried!! But I am pretty sure he is okay. The mother cat isn't a stray, and all my kittens/cats are outside. I raised her from a baby. But... her mother was feral at first, so she raised them the first part in a bush. She isn't feral when it comes to petting, but she is jumpy when it comes to her babies. Any more help on her situation?? Thanks alot!!
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I was reading this post and am wondering what is upper respitory? Is that like congestion?

My kitten was also sort of sneezing earlier this week. It was more like blowing air out her nose I'd say. She is much better now, he nose seems to run a bit but she isn't sneezing.

I was wondering if that is what upper respitory is or if it is something else.
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is essentially what we call a cold. From what I understand, though, it can be much more dangerous in a cat than it usually is in humans.
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My Leo sneezes what seems to be a lot. I have asked several vets, and have had him checked and apparently he just has reactions to dust and pollen just like I do. When I found him at about 4 weeks old, he had a bad respiratory infection. It was easily treated with antibiotics, but may have possibly made him sensitive to allergens. He loves the smell of Vicks-Vap-O-Rub and it seems to help him when he sneezes a lot or has congestion. If you think your baby has an infection, he really needs to be checked. It isn't such a big deal unless left untreated. I was glad to read in your later post that he is feeling better. Good luck with mama and babies, and welcome to the group.
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