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I really need some answers as my heart is broken! I had my kitten for almost 5 months. Last nite she died, i was FREAKING OUT! Everything was fine , she was playing, eating, using the rest room, kissing me with her nose like a normal day. She went to the living room and after about 5 minutes i got up to see what she was doing. She was laying down seemed like she had trouble breathing, her mouth was open. When she saw me she tried to get up and fell back down. I ran to the other room and got online looking for emergency vet numbers here in houston. I called them, they advised to bring her in. As i was speaking with the lady i could hear wasabi (my kitty) bumping around in the living roon, i heard candles throwing about. I have some on the living room floor by the TV.- I heard like a hiss , a loud one and then she cried (meowed) twice really loud. I hung up the phone freaking out and went to the living room only to find her not beathing with her eyes wide open and her mouth slightly ajar. WHAT HAPPENED? She died , it was so fast maybe 15 min went by and she died, did she eat something like a spider? Did she have asthma? Was it her heart? I did notice before when i first got her her chest seemed funny like she breathed funny but she was healthy and gaining weight and very smart/quick. I don't know what to think?!?!?! I do live in a very wooded area, i have seen wasps by my door and large roaches, some small spiders? Any idea will help or if someone else went thru this please let me know! Heartbroken in Houston
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Oh gosh! That is just horrible. I'm so sorry to hear of this. It probably could be a number of things why it happened. I lost my baby (she was older though, about 9) very fast too, I didn't know anything was wrong till it happened. I know how that shock feels. I just am so sorry to hear about this. I wish there were better words!
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Did she see a vet to see about the breathing in her chest when you first got her....

R I P little
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No i did not take her to the vet! I know i should have, but she seemed so healthy I regret it now, i just wish i could know 4 sure why she died
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I'm so sorry, Michelle... don't feel bad. I'm sure she knew you loved her. At least she died quickly and wasn't in pain for long. Maybe when you're ready, you can share with us what a beaty she was. Don't blame yourself, I doubt the vet would have found anything if you had taken her in unless you would have been willing to pay lots of money for expensive tests. I am sure you did your best!

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Many hugs to you..... I really dont have any answers, other than maybe take her for an autopsy, if you can afford it? I am sorry you had to go through that. Did u have any other animals??
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Did she see a vet to see about the breathing in her chest when you first got her....

R I P little

I bet your guesses as to why she died are as good as ours, severe anaphylactic asthma during an anaphylactic reaction to something she's really allergic to could have caused a death like that... so might have a heart attack, so might have poisonus spider... those sound like good guesses to me. I know how it feels to wonder what made a pet die, if you would like to know for sure, vets can do a necropsy. That's like an autopsy after death so that they can discover what caused someone/thing to die. I don't think they are that expensive. You might want to do it if you really want to know... but I wouldn't. Just know you did what you thought was best at the time.
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Michelle like Godiva has said the only way of knowing how your little girl died would be to have a necropsy done on her.

I'm so very sorry for your loss, it must have been an awful shock for you

She's well over the bridge now being looked after by all the other older kitties
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I am very sorry for your loss.

I know how difficult it is to lose a furkid so suddenly. The same thing happened with one of ours about 7 years ago, she was 11 yrs old though.
I agree the only way to find out is to have a necropsy done. I could not afford one to have one done for my kitty.

Sending many good vibes your way.

RIP sweet baby wasabi
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(((Michelle))) I am so sorry! I konw you must have been so scared!
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I am so sorry this happened to your sweet little kitten. It hurts so bad to lose them and not know why. Hugs to you.
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Thanks for your kinds words everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually do not have the money to get that done and we already buried her. I really think she might have had a heart or lung condition and was sickly. Her chest looked funny when she was tiny, kinda lopsided (SP) and when i found her she was breathing very fast with her mouth open and could not get up. What's funny is that never happened before and i had NO clue she was ill. I know wasabi is over the rainbow and she is happy and healthy and loved! Thank you very much!

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My heartfelt sympothy for your loss. Poor little one, i am sorry that you had to suffer through her fate.
From your descriptions, i would wager to guess that
your kitty had Flat chest syndrom or was severly alergic to insect bites.
It does not sound like she was ill for any length of time and then suddenly passed.
It appears to be more of a sudden issue with a poisioning (insect bite) or she had FCS which may also be incombination with a poisious bite.
I hope that those suggestions helps put your mind at ease as you come to terms with your babies loss.

Wasabi is such a neat name. Its one of my favorite spices. I dont think that i will look at a can of wasabie without thinking about your little one lost.
At least your kittie will live on in many memories.

I would love to see any pictures that you may have had of her she sounded like a darling.
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Condolences on your loss of Wasbabi. Your guesses are good ones to me. As nice as it would be to know the "why", perhaps you could save your money for a future cat. Spider bite might have been a cause, though, and I would endeavor on an active spider-clearing in your home & yard. I ritually hunt black-widows, as my last bite caused a severe reaction, and my family doctor & an internist have warned me that another bite will most likely be fatal. Here's an article on cats & black widow spider bites :
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Condolences on the loss of Wasabi. What a shock that must have been! She is at peace, now!
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So sorry about your kitty!
When we were kids, my sister's cat (whom we knew had a heart murmur, indicating heart problems) did something similar-laid halfway under the couch and couldn't get up, obviously in distress, and it was his heart. And from reading about a heart condition that my dog has, some heart conditions can cause blood clots, and that can cause them to pass away suddenly and unexpectedly, even though they were fine the instant before. I would probably do as was said, save your money and maybe get one from a humane society or rescue where you know they are vet checked before being adopted out. Some even include a vet check with everything else you get with the adoption fee.
I will remember you in my prayers tonight.
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I hope you are feeling better. I am sorry for what you are going through because I know how it hurts.
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Sounds like she had a bad heart. If it had been a spider or a wasp you would have found swelling on her, it would have been rapid if she was allegic to the bug bite with different symptoms that you posted here. It was more than likely something genetic that you wouldn't have been able to prevent. Even a necropsy might not have answered your question, simply left you with more questions than answers.
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I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you will keep visiting TCS.
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sorry for your loss
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I'll second the idea of a congenital heart/lung condition. If she was born with it, there would have been very little you could do. I'm thinking perhaps, with the suddenness of it, something might have triggered a fatal heart attack--could she have gotten an electrical shock from something, like a chewed electrical cord? How about an allergy (asthma attack)--do cats get those? Or there's the spider bite idea--some of them can cause symptoms like you tell us happened to your cat; and even a non-fatal one could have upset an inborn condition. Whatever it was, your description tells me she died quickly, and was loved while she was alive.

Your last post sounded like you are cheering up a little... I'm glad; I think Wasabi would want you to be happy. Of course you are going to miss her; but you have so many happy memories, and pictures (you can post some here if you like, I promise we will all tell you she is so cute!). I think it's just a matter of time, doing the crying you need to do... Do you have a grave marker for her? I am wondering because a bush or tree planted there, or a painted rock, or even a professionally done little grave marker might be a good place to remember her. It seems like your kitten had a happy life and was very loved; no cat can ask for more.
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