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BIG vibes for Baby( my car)

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I need big prayers and vibes that Babies new vibration is simply a loose vent or the air bag cover loose ...PLEASE ... I cant afford a mechanic bill at this time... she has a small but weird vibration type sound ... PLease send vibes that it goes away quick.. or is a simple fix...
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Oh my, Jennifer, not your car now, too! I've had so many car issues, and often it's just like you said, a simple little repair. Right now, I'm saving up for a $750-800 repair. What a stress to have yet one more thing to suck away our money. It's a good thing you've caught it so early when it's just an odd vibration, now just to find an honest mechanic who doesn't try to over charge you.
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Thank you Stephanie.... I hope your $$ get saved fast... Mom said she would give me a loan if needed...
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Baby please be good for mommy she promises to wax you one day... Here is vibes hun....
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Oh dear! I hate when something like that happens!

Just a thought though, have you checked your wheel arches and glove boxes etc for anything that might vibrate? I've done this before and I found a coin which was causing the vibrating sound!

I hope it's something simple like that, anyway!

Sending many Get Well Baby }}}VIBES{{{ from me and Dave (my car!)
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Also, if could be the heat shield from your exhaust. If you have one, sometimes they will rattle. Mine rattles. You can see it if you look under your car. It sits on top of the CAT. (My car is old though, so I don't know if newer cars have it)
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