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Cat won't stop pooping on the carpet -- help!!

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Hi, new here.

Have a 7-year old adult cat. Always been well trained to use the litter box.

Well, recently she's taken it upon himself to start pooping on the carpet, near the litter box. The box is clean -- she's a small cat -- for example, I cleaned it Sunday night, and came home Monday from work to a pile sitting there.

This has been going on for about six months now. Started out as maybe a once a week thing, and has now grown into a nightly or every other night adventure.

I love this cat, but quite frankly, this is disgusting and it needs to stop. Any advice?
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First patients she can sence your anger I know on a few threads that contain links to behaviors like this... Also it mike be she needs more attention...
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I think that you must remove any scent of your kitty's poop by using an enzyme cleaner.
The only one that I know of is Natures Miracle but I am sure there are others.

Some possible reasons for her doing this..
changing litter brands.
needs a new litter box

She needs to be checked by you vet to rule our illness if possible.

Use the thread search tool to search the forum about pooping outside of the litter box.
As the above poster said ... be patient, there are solutions to this problem.
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Make sure that you are using UNSCENTED litter, and that the litter is comfortable to her paws (pellet-type litters can hurt the pads of larger and/or heavier pads). You can treat the soiled area with "Zero Odor" or "Urine Gone" or "Nature's Miracle" and follow up with a spritz of Feliway Spray on the spot. Definitely call the vet & see what they recommend. 6 months ago, perhaps the humidity in the air increased (it was winter) and activated an old soiled-stain, perhaps from a previous pet, such as a dog).
By the way, welcome to TCS! You have found an excellent place to share the trials, and the joys, and the pics of living with your cat! As the others said, Be patient - you are gaining experience that you will be able to share with others
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unscented litter? I sometimes change it, based on what's on sale -- not a good idea?

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Yep kittens sometimes have prefreances....
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If you've been changing litter brands the whole time you've had him, then I doubt that's the cause as the pooping is somewhat new.

I would get him to a vet, to rule out any medical issues.
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Some cats don't like to poop in the same box as they pee in - perhaps try a second box? Even though this is a recent thing she may have just developed this particular quirk - cats are funny things!
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MY 9 yo cat did this several times after we moved into a new house. It was because her litter box was on a tiled surface instead of a carpeted surface. We added a 2nd box in one of the spare rooms and we've had no problems since. Also, it could be because of some change in the routine, time you get home, stress, or something like that. Cats are creatures of habit and many dislike change, so look back over your life the past 6 months and see if something's changed.

I second getting a 2nd box. Make sure you clean it at least daily, and maybe twice a day. One of my cats prefers to pee/poop in a clean box, so I scoop at least twice a day, sometimes more. Also helps keep the odor in the house down!

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Please click here to read a thread on how to stop pooping outside the litterbox.
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Still doing it.

Anger. Rising.
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What solutions have you tried so far???

It's no use in getting angry...just work through it until you find the answer.
Did you read lotsocats link??

Remember, cats don't do things just to piss us off. There's usually a real and valid reason for their behaviours..
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