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preg.cat temp way down, then up!

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She's driving me crazy! Her temp was 99.0 this morn......now its up to 100.6.
It has not been that high since about a week or more. It usually hovers around 99.4-6.....whats going on. She's in a race with Skittles.......I think Skittles had a talk with her and told her to hold out!!Jeez!
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Honestly I would call the vet just to put your mind at eaze.. It is no fever which is good... WHen is she due...Is there any other signs that labor is near.... DOes she seem to be in pain or distress.... Honestly I do not beleive the temp thing is acurate.
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The temp things is actually usually accurate, but occasionally an underlying cause of a low grade fever can make it appear normal when if there was no underlying cause (mild infection setting in or worse starting) the temp would be low as predicted 12-24 hours before delivery.
I would call the vet, just in case... they may have specific questions to rule out any particular cause to the temp fluctuations....
It might be nothing, might be the time of day, temp of the room, whatever, but better safe than sorry.
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I know am a pain in my vets butt but hay I pay the fee that gets his bills paid
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By the way, if anyone is curious, the temperature may fluctuate for a couple of days but usually stays low 12-24 hours before delivery, and the reason for that is the drop in hormones that allows labor to start. If the progesterone drops too soon, then they either miscarry or re absorb the fetuses.
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wow I never knew that...TY
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Thanks guys...I'll have to wait till tommorow... at which point it will probably be down again.......we'll see. As far as how far...I received her from a shelter three weeks ago.......she was very visibly showing..sticking out on the sides then....so I have been thinking any day now since then.....she's the one who went through terrible URT......105.6 fever....almost died. Had to ice pack her to avoid seizures....kitten brain damage...I don't know what the outlook is for her kittens. Right now they are huge...you can feel body parts and LOTS of movement which I have been able to see for at least a week. I think she had to be at least six weeks when I got her as big as she was so that puts her at nine weeks now. Shes very large....still has some breathing issues from URT..... sneezes alot and stuffy....she finished her course of antibiotics which left marked improvement..... I requested a second round to keep her free of secondary infection....she's on the third day of the second round.......
sorry for the long post...just thought I'd give you a little history on her since you were asking about due dates.....in a nutshell....who knows!! Thanks guys! (shall I sing?) Oh no... I wont get us started on that.....
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