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Hey Debby

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How is the pregnancy? Have you had any weird cravings, yet?

The other day at work, I saw a pregnant woman buying nachos with cheese and slices of pickles. No onions or anything else.

With my daughter, I developed a taste for tomatoes. I would eat them like apples. I also ate french fries with chocolate syrup.

With my son, I craved peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches.
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Just thought I'd chime in here and say Hi to Debby to!

I haven't seen you too often on the boards lately, I hope you are feeling ok. You only have a few weeks left, right?? I remember you saying you were due in August, right??

Anyways, stop in and let us know how you are doing!!!!
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Hi guys!!! Thanks for the thread, and for asking how I am!
I was offline for 4 days, haven't been feeling the best, but it isn't anything serious. I just don't have the energy when I get home from work to get online this week. It has been hot in the factory I work at, and I am on my feet for 8 hours a day, and I come home and all I want to do is lay down!!!
My due date is August 1st, but I was also told that the baby seemed bigger than that from the ultrasound, and thought maybe I was farther along, so it could be mid July. (at the very earliest)
I am getting scared....I am not prepared for all this pain that is to come.
But it will be worth it, I know.
No real weird cravings....I did have callamari for an appetizer today...does that count?
I had a Dr. Apt in Des Moines today so we ate lunch at the Olive Garden. I LOVE their portebella stuffed ravioli!!!
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Oh, Debbie, It's understandable that you would be frightened of the unknown. I won't try to tell you that it doesn't hurt, but I will tell you that I have four children, and the days of their births are the four happiest days of my life. I was determined not to "be a baby" for the sake of my pride, so I made a real effort to remain calm. I did not have anything other than a local anesthetic for my last three. I think remaining calm and as analytical as possible is important. However, if you are not going the natural way, a spinal is an option that made my daughter-in-law fall in love with the anesthetist! Just kidding, of course, but that's what she said!

Childbirth is the most exciting and fulfilling experience in life. The feel of your own baby's cheek on yours is an incredible experience, and the love you will feel is indescribable! I read in a short story once that it was like reaching up and touching the hand of God; I agree with that descripton. Keep cool and get a good looking anesthetist! You'll do fine!
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Debby, Jeanie is so right! My children's birthdays are the happiest days of my life as well.

It does hurt, but its a great hurt. Trust me. You will do just fine, and whatever route you go whether it be natural, epidural, spinal, or just mild medication, you will soar thru the experience w/ flying colors!! I had one epidural w/ my first csection, and a spinal w/ my second. I personally thought the epidural was better, but it was just my personal option. You have probably already decided which route you will go, and it will work for you! Just remember, in the end all you want is a happy and healthy baby girl!!!!
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Actually I'm thinking about having an epidural, if they will let me. I know I will be okay, but I get the jitters now and then thinking about it. Thanks guys for your help!
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It's only natural to be scared My most important lesson was to be flexible and keep an open mind. There's no need to decide on the epidural now - you can wait and see how you feel about it during the labor itself. We were sure we would have a natural birth. We practived perineal massage for 6 weeks only to have Ron in a C-section I had a spinal for the section itself and I really didn't like it - it didn't hurt at all but I hated the feeling of being so numb and out of control.

I'm sure it'll all be just fine - it's not a test and there's no right or wrong way to go through with it. I wish you the best birth you want and lots of happiness with your baby girl after that!

Have you thought about parenting styles yet? We're with Dr. Sears! We love his attachment parenting approach and this is how we raise Ron. I breastfeed exclusively, he shares our bed and we used to carry him around in a baby sling up until a week ago, when we decided he's become too heavy He's a wonderful relaxed and happy baby! If you'd like to read more about attachment parenting and also about childbirth I recommend Sears's website:
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Thanks Anne! I will check into that!! I need all the advice I can get.
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I didn't plan natural childbirth; I couldn't get an epidural because I had Polio, and can't take chances with my spine. But I'm glad I was awake to see the babies right away. The doctors used to put women out for childbirth. Now you have choices and that's the way it should be.
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Well, I won't be having kids for a while longer (although some relatives are getting impatient - that's sooo annoying!), but I checked Dr. Sears' site out. I like it! Thanks Anne, I bookmarked it for the future. He seems to have a very respect-oriented approach, I like that.
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I agree with Anne about being flexible and having an open mind...
And I agree that being in labor does hurt, for me, the contractions felt a lot like bad menstrual cramps. But once you have given birth and have seen the baby, you will know that any pain you felt was really worth it.

Nena started this thread by talking about weird cravings. I absolutely had to have crackers and milk every single morning at 2 A.M.
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My first daughter was made almost entirely of hot fudge sundaes!
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I don't think any of my cravings were weird. With Richard, I wanted spicy food: spaghetti, Mexican and pizza. I paid for it, though. The Mylanta bottle sat on the dining table. I went for malted milk balls, sour cream and onion potato chips and Pepsi, with Mark. The day after I had him, his father brought malted milk balls to the hospital. I said, "Eww, I don't want those!" That's how quickly the craving went away. And labor DOES hurt. I took it out on the boys' fathers. I told them that, if they ever touched me again, I'd rip off body parts. Lucky for them, after I had the boys, I forgot about that. Good luck, Debby and don't worry. Raising kids is, pretty much, common sense. You feed one end, clean the other end and cuddle and kiss on the rest.
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As far as parenting styles go, Cindy is so right when she says its all common sense. I don't think you need to pick a 'parenting style' or only follow one idea. That seems crazy to me.
I parent as I see fit. I do what I think is right and what makes the children happy. In the end you want to end up w/ a healthy and well adjusted child. Kids benefit from love, attention, structure, rules, and the obvious good nutrition and hygiene. All the rest will fall into place.
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One word: epidural. Other than that, my advice is tons out of date, as my kids are 13 and 14. At that time, you had to have them sleep on their stomachs. Now, the advice says the opposite, and they make you think your kids were lucky to survive infanthood. I think mostly you go with your instincts.
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I agree that following your instincts is very important and I also don't think that there's one way of parenting that fits all parents or all babies. Still, I think it's important to read a bit about parenting, so as to be aware of all the options there are.

For example, we didn't know it was possible or "allowed" to have the baby sleep in your bed with you. First time Ron's grandmothers heard me talking about this they almost fainted They were sure I was going to kill my baby Only through a lot of reading did I get the confidence to follow my instincts and let Ron share our bed. This is only one example and I have tons of others.
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Thanks all of you for your advice, words of support and kindness. I REALLY appreciate them all!!!! It is great to know you all are here for me!

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