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Vibes and advise please

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Today is a nice sunny Wisconsin spring day with temps in the low 70's.
About 5 hours of digging stone mulch and wheelbarrowing it to a pile I stopped sweating. That is my 1st sign for heat exhaustion. I worked about another hour and packed up the truck and went home. I was wearing a tank top and shorts and my gardening hat and drinking Gatorade. But the area was in full sun for most of the time I was working (I started at 7 am with plans on working for about 8 hrs) I ran the A/C in the truck (and ran a red light too) Took a shower which chilled me. Put on a sweatshirt had a regular soda and some chips (for salt and sugar) I was a bit nauseous too. Then laid down for a nap of about 90 minutes.
Even though I had sunscreen on I burnt the tops of my thighs (attractive!!) a bit on the arms and even with the hat my face is warm.
I have struggled with heat exhaustion in the past so I know the symptoms.
Anyone esp those in warmer climates give me some advise on how to prevent.
More breaks?? There is a small shady area to sit at this location but others I may not be so lucky. My only other thought is to not work in the sun say from 11-4. This is involve more driving back and forth but in the long run a bit more safer for me.
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I have been doing landscape work for years. My clients are the same just about each year. So I know what areas are in the shade during what part of the day.So I try to plan to be in the shade as much as possible. For the really hot days I do my Clients that are right on the ocean so I get some cool breezes if I'm lucky. If I do have to be in the sun , then frequent breaks and I use the hose to dose off and cool down over my head and arms ect. Stay well hydrated. Sun Screen is a must! A wet handerchief tied around your neck.,keep wetting it with the hose.
You know when your over heated. Some days you just have to give up and go home!
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You know, ive always wondered why i dont sweat, atleast not much like other people do.
I never sweat like those people who are constantly running or working hard, but instead it makes my body swell.

It could also help to wear Sunscreen 60+ spf
I hope you get better soon gail!

ohh and dont forget to smother aloe vera over the burn areas
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The hose idea sounds great other than that a good hat and lots and lots of water

I hope your sunburn heals up soon! That hurts
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Water, regularly, inside and out! Drink up to 2 litres during the day - it is better than any soda, and keep pouring/hosing it on you. Plus of course, hats, scarves etc. I keep a pair of long but very loose almost chiffony cotton pants for outdoor work - they look silly but do help to keep me cool.
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Unfortunately for me no hose available. If I did hose myself down I would get really strange looks!!! I do keep a wet washcloth in a Ziploc bag to wipe my face down. I think the thing is to take a break in the shade if its too hot!!
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I dont know much about that, BUT THE WEATHER WAS AWESOME TODAY HEY?!!!

I loved it! It's so so nice.

I did a little gardening today too, just drank lots and lots of water, and was ok!

Sunscreen for sure too gail...dont leave home without it. Other than that, Yea...a hat.
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