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If so, is a sinus headache and a tired feeling part of them?
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My doctor told me it was, this means
That im allergic to alot of rich cheese/cream, tomatoes, anything acidy and people
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
If so, is a sinus headache and a tired feeling part of them?
It could be. Then again, I've been tested against almost every allergen out there and I'm not allergic but I still get those symptoms. It could be due to pressure or weather changes (like our freezing cold to warm) or irritants. Best to talk to your doctor, the steroid nasal sprays help for both allergic and non-allergic symptoms.
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I am allergic to I constantly have a runny nose and sinus problems. Have to hoover my curtains, use an anti-dustmite pillow and clean constantly if I want a day without a sore face
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Seasonal allergies-blah.....they usually act up in Aug and Sept, but the last few days I have been sneezing, runny/stuffy nose,watery I hate them!! Makes me sooo miserable.
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Yep and I'm alergic to cats too. I just use Sudafed sinus and that seems to clear things right up.
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If it's in the air, I'm allergic to it. Dust, pollen, animal dander, etc. All of it. My worst ones are ragweed and those stupid little purple flowers in ditches (I don't know what they are, but I HATE them!!).

All I can say is that Claratin is a beautiful thing, and if you buy it get generic. Target has 30 days for $6.99 generic, as opposed to the brand for ~$20+.

And yes, Susie, those symptoms can be due to allergies, but as Christy said a change in the weather pressure system can do it too. I always feel tired if my allergies have settled in my eyes for the day.
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Sinus I agree can be related to allergies. People are allergic to trees that flower (most trees do flower) and turfgrass. Also check to see how much water you are drinking that could cause problems too esp if you have a runny nose.
I took Allegra for many many year but switched the OTC generic Claratin too.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
If so, is a sinus headache and a tired feeling part of them?
Oh i feel that pain completely! My sinus headache right now is making my eyes water...and keeping me awake. I'm trying cold meds and allergy meds (alternating days) to try and figure out what it is that's going on. The last time i was like this it was allergies, but they caused inflammation and an infection in my sinus's. If it keeps up i would recommend talking to the doctor!
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I am only allergic to baking soda and silver. Weird I know. I get a rash if either thing touches me. I can't even use toothpaste with baking soda in it.
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I have slight allergies. I am allergic to those pretty purple vining flowers to. Man they make me havea headache instantly!! I think I am allergic to lavendar as well. When I was little it was tomatos. I would get this huge rash around my mouth. I love them now!!
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I get a headache very frequently in my left eyebrow. Its such a pain. Don't know if its allergies but don't think so. I think it has something to do with my computer screen.
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I am allergic to LOTS of stuff.....certain trees and grasses, ragweed, goldenrod, then there's melons, apples, carrots, celery (but if these foods are cooked, it's okay) and the sun gives me hives. And that's just the short list. Unfortunately, my seasonal allergies (especially ragweed) are so severe that most medications only provide marginal relief of symptoms. Usually it's prescription nasal sprays and Aerius for me, and yes I do get sinus headaches.
As others have said, your symptoms could be allergy related, but could also be from a change in pressure, a developing head cold or sinus infection, or even an irritation of your nasal passage that has caused inflammation. I would try a decongestant (someone mentioned sudafed) if the headache is persistent and is really bothering you. If it continues to bother you, you can always try an over the counter allergy medication and see if it alleviates your symptoms. Of course, if the problems continue without abatement or you develop any other symptoms such as dizzyness, fever, or coloured (green or yellow) nasal discharge, you should talk to a doctor or pharmacist, as these are indicative of an infection rather than an allergic irritation.
Good luck! I know exactly how annoying sinus pain can be.
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Thanks for all the help guys.......I have a docs appt in June, so I'll inquire abut it then.........
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The only thing Im allergic to is Vacationing in Florida. It must be the change of pollen in the air or something, but everytime were down there I am SICK SICK SICK!! Not cool.

But that's all.
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