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200 !!!!!!!!!

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Wahey, took a while but got it now, this will be my 200th post! Cooie, beware, here I come Just kidding, I'll never catch you here. Anyway, I'm still getting to know people, spend time every now and the reading old posts and trying to figure out what pets everyone has and how many and their names....
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Congratulations on 200!!!!

Thought I could be of some help in your endeavor. My name is Sabra
I have 3 female kitties. Toonces will be 9 in August, she is a Russian Blue look alike. Patches just turned 8 in April, she is a tortoise shell. Buttons, sister/litter mate of Patches, the best way to describe how she looks is like a Burmese/Siamese. I also have 2 dogs Sam & Libby. Oh, and 1 husband :tounge2:
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Congrats on 200!
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:baloon: Wait until you hit Alpha Cat. We'll really throw a party!
Review time? I'm a mother of four human children, two Siamese cats, and one big male collie. Precious, the female Siamese, is the boss of the bunch. I am a teacher of music and English, disabled-so not teaching, except for piano. I love black cats, but don't have one right now. Blueberry is my male blue point, and (the name was not my idea!) Beethoven is the collie. I just call him Pup Pup, unless he's in trouble!
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Well, you posted more in a few months than I did in a couple of years on that "other" board, and I was one of the "majors" over there, so don't be so sure you won't surpass me!

Congratulations, and more pics, please!
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A little more help...I use my real first name as my screen name, amd right now I have only one cat, a 10 1/2 year old male DSH named Snowball. His picture can be seen in both my signiture and my avator.
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Since everyone is reviewing (It's good for all of us. Too many people and kitties to keep track of!)

My real name is Heidi, I live in Colorado in the US, and have two wonderful, beautiful, loving, sweet kitties. Trent is my baby, long hair, black mutt-cat. One of his baby pics is my Avatar. Ophelia is Daddy's girl, a little black and white prissy girl. She's a real sweetheart when she wants to be.
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My name is Christy, and I have Ivo, a tuxedoed 1 1/2 year old girl.

Oh, and I live in Cleveland, Ohio.
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200 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hip hip hurray to Kitty and Casper !!!!

have super day today !!!
:blubturq: :martian: :icecream:
lots of headbumpies and nose-rubs from Sydney and Billie !!!!!!!!!
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I merged the 2 threads on the subject into one
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I'm Kristina...I live in the DC area but am moving to North Carolina. I have one kitty, a little cow-girl named Arizona. She's quite a character.
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Congratulations. In no time at all you'll be a top cat!!

For your "info", my name is Daniela, I have 2 female DLH. Sunshine who is all black, and Cymone who is a calico/tabby. I'm sure you'll have a hard time remembering all of us and our pets, but don't sweat it. In no time at all it'll all seem like family to you!!!!!

Keep on postin!
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Thank you everyone!
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Congratulations on 200 posts! We are glad you have joined us here!!!
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Congrats on 200 posts!!!

My real name is Chantelle and I am owned buy 9 wonderful kitties and a golden retriever. My kitties are Twinkles, a 9 year old Calico female, Tigger, a 2 year old orange tabby male, Peppurr, a 1 year old tuxedo male, Vader, an 11 month old Siamese cross male, Mimi, an 11 month old Snowshoe Siamese female, Majesty, our Bengal female(we're not sure of her age), Miss Chevious, our 8 week old DLH female, Spaz, our 1 year old DSH male and Felix, our 1 year old manx cross. My dog is Buddy, we're not sure how old he is, probably 4-5 years old.
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