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Mooch weighs 14 or 15lb
Noodles weighs 13 or 14 (one pound less than Mooch)

They aren't fat I swear! They were just at the vet and he said they are fine but shouldn't gain much more. Both are kinda muscley I guess. My fat lil Bunny is only 11lb!
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Madden was at the vet the just the other day for boosters and weighed 11.9 pounds! The Vet said that he is perfectly healthy and at about the right weight. He's 9 months old so I wouldn't be suprised if he didn't put on a pound or so more.
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My kitties are litter mates...
Sweet Sadie...9 1/2 lbs.
Dashing Dexter...15 3/4 lbs.

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Zakk weighs in at 9.5 or so. He is small framed for a male and looks like he is at his ideal weight.

Rocky is probably as far as frame size your average male cat. He hasn't been weighed in awhile and his weight seems to depend on his medication regime and how well he is feeling. He is at least 13 lbs, possibly 15. He is a bit overweight- he has a sway belly. So far the vet hasn't said to keep a good eye on him as far as food. He hates most wet food and isn't big on treats.

The kittens haven't been weighed in awhile but I think I can make a guess. They aren't really kits anymore, they are ~10 mos.

I think Suzie is about 7-8 lbs. She is very petite but when you pick her up she is solid feeling.

I'm guessing Cookie is about 10 lbs. He is already bigger in frame then Zakk, but very light footed and slim. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up being my biggest cat, and not overweight at all.
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Skittles is little under 14 lbs but she is pregnant LOL 7.5 if she doesnt have so many babies in there....
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It's weird that Trout is only 7 pounds and she is almost 2 years old...maybe she is just a small cat? She really still looks like a kitten to me
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Napolean weighs about 9.5lbs.
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All cats are Ragdolls:

Ramona 3.5yrs 12lbs
Tucker 8mos 13lbs
Toby 8mos 9lbs
Bandit 6mos 8lbs
Sundance 6mos 7.5lbs
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Buffy - 7lbs
Molly - 8lbs
Willow - 9lbs
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Shamie is 12 lbs. He's very long.
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LuckyGirl is 6 1/4 lbs.... and is 8mos old...she's also very tall.
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Pudge weighs 6-7 pounds. She is 2 years old.
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The boys just went to the vet for a wellness check today.

Spike - 13.4 pounds
Cotton - 11.3 pounds

This is up from their last vet visit about 7 months ago, when Spike weighed 6.6 pounds and Cotton weighed 4.7 pounds. They just turned a year old on May 5th. (They are littermates.)

Our boys are rescues, and we think they are a Siamese mix, but we don't know for sure. The vet said today that their weights are fine, and that they are both in excellent health! They were also very well behaved on the car ride and at the vet's office.

<---proud meowmy!
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Sierra weighs 7.13 lbs. With Serenity's latest little growth spurt, I'm not really sure about her weight right now.
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Zebra whos about 13 months old is 3 pounds. She hasn't gotten any bigger since she was about 3 months old.
Milo was 8 pounds last time he got weighed and has gained a bit so he would be about 9 or 10 pounds now
Big Milo was 22 pounds when we weighed him. He is not really fat, he is just built really big.
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Sash's last checkup he was a little over 14lbs, at his heaviest he was 16lbs. He's pretty active though for a big guy. He probably shouldn't be more than 13lbs, but we're working on it!
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Oh gee let's see here

Dunkin weighs 15.1/2
Mickey weighs 14
Zazzy weigs about 12 1/2
Zinger weighs 11
Ziggy weighs 10 1/2
Miniman weighs 10
Sissy weighs 11
Cammy weighs 11 1/2

So I own 98 1/2 lbs worth OMG that's alot That's enough for sure
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Viola is 12lbs and Natasha is about 9lbs.
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Katie - 6lbs 7oz
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On their seven months birthday:
Renfield- 10½ lbs.
Rochester 9 lbs.
Loomis 10½ lbs.

Loomis and Renfield weigh exactly the same, Loomis is much bigger, and still Renfield looks thin- he's just dense weight.

Loomis doesn't look fat but when you pick him up his gut feels heavy. I've started cutting back on his food a tad and upping his exercise. I free fed dry overnight while they were kittens but I guess it's time to stop.

And Rochester out eats everyone and is still the smallest. What a bunch of weirdo's!
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last time the boys were at the vet:

Darwin - 15lbs
Parker - 10lbs

yes, darwin is a big boy. but he's all muscle. if you click on the link in my profile you can see a montage of my baby boys.
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Quill ~ 13.5 lbs last time at the vet which was two months ago, he's in a growth spurt .
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Originally Posted by halfpint

So I own 98 1/2 lbs worth

What a way to think about it! I just wanted to add that I weighed Lucky last night and it appears that she has lost 1lb over the last month and a half or so since i switched her diet (again). I'm going to see if i can take her over to the vet to try on the real scale!!!
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Shadow is 6.7 pounds. The vet wants her to be about 7.5 pounds. She is just over 1 year old. She was 1 year old on may 15th.
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Mine range from 6.4# to about 15#. All are full grown and s/n. The biggest is 5 years old and the smallest is 3.
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My Trixie is 13 1/2 lbs. and is still overweught-she was 17 lbs at one point!!! She has had fatty liver syndrome and was diagnosed with diabetes in the Fall. 2 shots a day-she costs us a fortune, but we love her, so it doesn't matter!!!
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