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I need some advice...

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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this or not, so mods, feel free to move.

There are these two dogs a few blocks down the street from me. One is a pit bull looking mix who is pretty large and is kept on a six foot chain. There is no grass where the chain goes and when it rains he has to stand in mud for days. He has a doghouse but I never see anyone near him and I never can see any food or water bowls either. He looks a little underweight but not terribly poor. I can't tell for sure though because I can't walk up in the people's yard to tell.

The other dog looks like a border collie mix and is being kept in a home-made kennel that doesent look like it could be any bigger than four foot by four foot. It looks like there is an air-conditioning unit or something in the middle of the pen and the poor dog constantly stands on that (probably because theres only about a foot all the way around it). I also can't see any food or water bowls in this dogs pen and I can't tell how poor the dog is because she is long haired plus a tree blocks a lot of my view of her.

Here's my real delimma. I don't feel that these dogs are being properly cared for. Our city dosen't have a real hold on animal cruelty laws, and our one and only "Animal Controll Officer" (who is really a glorified dog-catcher around here) owns these poor dogs!!!! So if I call my local police I'm not sure that anything at all would be done. Even if the police did do something, they would be taken to the city pound where they have only six days to live before they are put to sleep if they are not claimed by someone. Unfortunately most all dogs that go to the pound are put to sleep here.

Our nearest humane society is a county away and is a sorry excuse for one. They usually will not deal with anything outside of there county unless it happens to be a puppy mill or something of the likes that will get them news coverage. They've recently started charging outrageous fees for people who want to bring them strays that they cannot care for.

So I'm at a loss for what to do. Are these dogs better off in the conditions that they are in, or being put to sleep in the local pound?? I hate to see these poor dogs in either position!! If I could I would buy these dogs from these people and find them homes myself! Unfortunately I don't have the funds or the space and resources to do so right now. My Inn is full.

Sorry to ramble on so long, but if anyone has any ideas, I would really appriciate them.
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I would send a PM to Mark Kumpf...he is the moderator of the "Ask Animal Control" section. You can look up his name in the Members List.

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I hate when animals have to live in those type of conditions!
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Thanks Katie...I sent him a pm. Hopefully he can help me decide what the best thing to do is.
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Oh-thats so sad. I hate when people do that to dogs, just chain them up and forget all about them!! I would think that them being PTS is better than the life they have-sad to say, but its true. And ya wanna know what? The town you live in sounds exactly like mine! We live in a very small town, with no "dog catcher"-well actually if ya wanna call the one we have that, but shes also a police officer, and our nearest pound/shelter is a county away! Maybe its just small towns? I dunnno, but please do something about these poor doggies, they deserve so much better.....and also keep us posted on them.
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