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Cat Headlines for March

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As I was updating the cat headlines on the site's main page, I thought I should somehow preserve the "old" news as well.

I decided to start a monthly thread of headlines.

These are the headlines we had last week:

Campaign - Cooked Cats Horror
- Not for the overly sensitive! Sunday People - March-18-2001

Revealed: how purrs are secret to cats' nine lives - The Telegraph - March-18-2001

Cat licenses may be city's plan 'fur' strays MichiganLive.com - March-16-2001

Woman charged with theft of $840 cat - St. Petersburg Times - Feb-16-2001
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Good idea Anne. That story about the cats being cooked was just about the most abhorant thing I've ever heard. Geez! People are just sick! And whats more amazing is that they probably don't think their doing anything wrong. All those poor creatures in such miseable conditions.

But, I think your doing the right thing by bringing both the good and the bad news. People do need to be made aware.
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These are the headlines we've had for the past week (watch for updates later today):

Cat torture suspect must undergo tests - St. Petersburg Times - March-23-2001

Coach drops athletes charged in cat killing - Associated Press - Feb-22-2001
Rescued cat and his new owner need a place to live - The Oak Ridger - March-21-2001
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