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Not opening one eye

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I came home from work tonight and Mitts only opened one. At first I thought he was just tired (he does that sometimes) but then hubby took a look and there was some discharge there.

So panicky us take the Mitt to the vet right away (no appointments here, just walk in.) By the time we made Mitts get into the kennel and the 3 minute walk to the vet, the gunk was all gone.

The vet took a look and said he looked fine and that maybe something had irritated his eye. He said if it got worse to bring him back in.

Then we went home and he was fine. Until he went into the litterbox. Then he came back out with that same eye closed and wouldn't open it. When he did there was nothing wrong.

Am I being paranoid? Do you think the litter is irritating his eyes? Did he maybe hurt it a tiny bit himself and keeps it closed when in the litter box and after as a precaution because he's one smart cat?
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Hmm, could be that the dust from the litter is getting in his eye and irritating it...
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It could very well be the dust from the litter. When you were at the vet, did the doc put some drops in his eyes to make sure there were no corneal scratches or abrasions? If not, I strongly urge you have that done. Something could have gotten in his eye and scratched his cornea-which untreated, can lead to ulcers of the eye. I would def change litter types, and start there. But if he keeps squinting, take him back to the vet
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what litter do you use?
Chip did this for about 2 days about 3 weeks ago. i decided, after looking & seeing nothing, not even redness, that i was going to give him a couple of days before going to the vet [i tend to go a little to often!] & it cleared up on its own.
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