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Drivers License -OMG!!!

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Holy moley! There's a search engine now for driver licenses!

I just checked and mine was out there. I clicked on the link to remove it from the site. Check to make sure that yours isn't out there too!
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I checked for my sister's, and there it was!
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Ha ha!1 Mine was there too!!!
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OMG, it even shows your picture...mine is awful!!
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Yep, I'm there! The picture is awful .
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Yup-mines there too! I look awful in that picture!!
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Oh now comon am I the only Monkey I don't remember when I looked like that
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Yea, Umm...Ok. So what now?! I dont get it. That's most certainly not my lisence. Is it everyones liscense? Is that the joke? I just dont get it.
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I've seen that before...
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I first got that site in an email and I started to get angry! Especially after the whole Google thing (map to where you live) and such. I'm like WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS!!
So I go through the steps..and find out I'm a monkey of some sort in a State of Chaos...
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Well that is a pretty good likeness!!
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Hahahahaha! Thanks for keeping the joke going first few posters, I sometimes check what a few people have written before clicking on the link.
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I told ya all I took a ugly photo
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