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Pixies getting close!!!

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Hey everyone!! Just wanted to update you on Pixie dust. I believe she's getting close. Yesterday her temp. was 98.9. She's been peeing and pooping alot and really covering it up good. She's also covering up her food. Her boobies are filling up with colostrom & she's keeps getting right up in my face. I haven't seen contractions yet but it's hard to tell because she's fluffy & the kittens are constantly kicking. I'm going to take her temp in a little bit so we'll see then. Hope it's soon. The wait between Skittles & my own baby is killing me!!!!!
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At the rate Skittles is she is taking forever... Pixie will be first.....

What is her temp and how is she doing. What does her back end look like...
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Her back end looks a little swollen but I'm not sure. It's well groomed though. She's been constantly grooming herself. I'm sure Skittles will go before Pixie. She's having contractions & seems to actually be in labor. I just took her temp. & today its 99.5! She's playing mind games with me!!!!! These cats are something else!!!!
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Skittles is working on 48 hours right now I know vet said dont worry she is taking her time but crude...
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I can't believe she's still preggers. I thought for sure she would have popped over the weekend. Hopefully it'll be today or tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!
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I may be wrong, sorry if I am, I should check first ... But, The normal temp is aroind 101.2 mabey, and then drops below 100, like 99. 98. some thing, But it's just a short window, I believe it will go back up before labor, so once it drops, and goes back up labor should be within 12 hrs, I am not exactly sure of that, but i'm pretty sure the temp will increase again, so she is most likely getting really close, I hope she is a little less stubburn then ole skittles!
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Skittle says give birth... She said meow I want mine out tooo but the oven isn't hot enough LOL
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I hope that's true. I would love for these kitties to be born. Maybe her & Skittles will pop out their turkeys on the same day! Hopefully soon!
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Again, I have to flick threads...mind you, the pregnant cats and kitten forum brought me from kitten to adult cat status in a matter of days!!!!
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like today lol
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Corie how is Pixie....
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