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kitty love bites,,,,does your cat do this too?

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Ok, I have got to ask if your cats give you little love bites,, Smokey is our 3yr old goofball kitty. We love him to death and he is very loving and very affectionate.. I notice that sometimes, in the mornings when I wake up and I am in the potty sitting down, he comes up and rubs up all over my legs and then sometimes he will give me a little love bite on the side of my thighs. At first when he started doing this, he freaked me out and I just about jumped off the potty, I am not expecting my kitty to bite me, but he is not really biting, it is like he is nibbling me just a bit,, he did this to my daughter Rachel the other morning when he was cuddling up with her in bed, he was all cuddled up under the blankets right by her face, and he was rubbing all over her with his mouth and then he did the same thing to her and just nibbled her a bit on the side of her face,, Rachel of course got mad at him and pushed him off the bed, then I told her that those are Smokey's little love bites, he does that to me too..

Do any of your little babies do this to you too??,,
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Well thankfully, I don't get love bites while I'm on the potty!

I do get love bites from Spaz, usually in the webbing between my thumb and forefinger.
Occasionally though, she'll startle us. She'll be on the back of the couch, loving and rubbing and head butting the backs of heads, then give a good love bit to the scalp or the tops of ears.

Ivory gives love nibbles, she will actually start chewing on you for rubbing her chin, not hard, just continuous.
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Fred would give me love bites on the end of my nose to wake me up in the morning. It was a little unnerving at first, since he was 10 years old when he started doing it. After a few years, he lost some of his front teeth, and it was really weird having him give me little gummies on the end of my nose.
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Trout will nibble my hand when I'm petting her..and then she licks it all better right after
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My 3 year old gives me love bites. He usually gives the love nips when I am petting or grooming him. His nose gets really wet, sometimes I can even see a droplet drip off his nose, then I know the love nips are coming. He is a real lover boy.
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Yup, Pandora does this, but she will do it if I stop petting her, like "hey! I'm not done being petted yet!" One of my previous kitties, Rocket, also did this
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Phenom used to do it. She would bite my nose and fingers. She still does it a little but not as much.
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Chip gives love bites, but whenever any of the others bites, it's not because of love!
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I get lovebites from Autumn. She likes to remind me she is laying next to me and wants to be petted. She will just rest her teeth on my arm briefly.
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I get love bites from Lucky...when I pet her sometimes she wants to play a little rough, so she grabs onto my wrist with her paws and play bites my hand. But then I play back and say "owwww, your hurting mommy" and she licks it all up. It's so cute!
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We have two cats who get along beautifully, although the little female cat has taken to snuggling with the dog (now that the dog is no longer a pup and has settled down). They are adorable together, but sometimes Chloe (the cat) gets to rubbing her head and face on Emma (the schnauzer) before cuddling up and bites her! She does it when she is really affectionate and wants to cuddle up, but she tends to bite hard enough to make Emma flinch. We have found marks on Emma's back before too which appeared to be cat bite marks. Why? Why does she have to bite before snuggling?! They play together too (they have their own cat-dog play system worked out which seems to work well), where there are regular playbites...its these 'snuggle bites' that are causing the problems...
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My new kitty doesnt do love bites but she does something else really cute. When I'm grooming her and working on a little matt, I try to be careful but I know a tug here and there has to hurt now and then. When I do a little too hard of a tug she'll go to "bite" me..which is just her putting her teeth on me, not really a bite, then she immediately gets apologetic, and starts licking me, like..Im sorry! I'm sorry!
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Sezer bites and purrs at the same time. Sometimes he gets carried away and digs his claws in and boy it hurts. Meow. Purrr.
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hehe. My cats dont give mt happy love bites. Kennys cat gives me mad bites when he doesnt like the way you pet him or when he likes the way you pet him and you stop. Its like a little nibble.
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Both my cats do that. Swanie does it more, usually when I've gotten him a bit worked up with petting. Cindy does it too, but less often. She's a little bit more reserved than Swan.
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