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I'm asking for your thoughts on this before making a vet visit as it might not be needed.
The other day I decided to have a look at Sleeves' teeth, they are love big things but I noticed they are a little bit yellow, but it doesn't look like anything that won't brush off. I've never cleaned them before and wouldn't know where to start? It's something I just know nothing about.
Am I best to get the vet to check them over and show me how to clean them or is there something else you do?
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Are they just yellowed? If you check near his gumline there should be no plaque build-up!

Basically, you might want to start getting Sleeves and Nismo used to having their teeth cleaned!

To start, you will want to get them used to having your finger in their mouths, rubbing their teeth gently. Once they are used to this, you can start adding toothpaste into the mix! (Logic is an excellent one!)

If they tolerate this, then you can progress onto using a finger brush or toothbrush (I use baby tooth brushes from the £1 shop!) with toothpaste on it!

If they don't tolerate it - or you don't feel able to do it - you can put the Logic toothpaste on a front paw! Kitty will lick it off and the paste will stick around the teeth and help prevent plaques and claculus build up - breaking down the bacteria with the enzyme in it!
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Lauren Sophie went for her yearly checkup on saturday and they said she has a little bit tartar and gingivitis on her back teeth and gums

She's not in any pain but i've to feed her Hills t/d kibbles which are bigger and harder to crunch.

They've said because she has the mildest form hopefully the kibbles should do the trick, but failing that she'll have to get them cleaned eventually.

Oh and Sarahs going to try and brush her teeth when she comes down as well!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Oh and Sarahs going to try and brush her teeth when she comes down as well!
I'm going to give it a jolly good go, anyway!

Maybe I could be the Mobile Feline Tooth Brushing lady!
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Aaw I'm sorry about Sophie!! At least it's not too bad but it's still a worry for you.
Sar I think it's just on the teeth, it's like a yellow line down the front and his gums look healthy enough although getting a proper look was not easy! I'll try again tonight though.
So do you actually use human toothpaste?
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No, Logic is a special veterinary toothpaste with active enzymes in it (better flavour for them too!

It works really well even without the actual brushing motion!
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Can you get Logic at the pet store or do you need to get it from the vet?
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Logic isn't sold in the USA. I bought a tube online from a website in the UK. No prescription needed. Cost me about $12 USD.

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I use logic too. My Jaffa licks it straight from the tube (bless him) although I am trying to actually brush his teeth with it once a week (the emphasis there on trying).

It's worth emphasizing that human toothpaste should never be used on cats. It's designed to be spat out whereas cats will swallow their toothpaste so it's important to use one designed for pets.
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