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My babies

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Now I know how to post photos I thought I would put the pictures that I have of my 4 cats on the forum So here they are

This is Tybby he is the cat I have with me at uni in brighton! he is a 1 and a half year old British shorthair

This is the first of the 3 cats that I have at my family home in London she is called captin Jebus ( thanks to my younger siblings) she is a moggy and is a about 3. Unfortunately this is the best photo that I could get of her because she it notoriously hard to photo

This is Domino he is my cat back at home and is 8, we got him from the same litter as his brother Marmalade

This is Marmalade the final cat that I have he is also 8 and the brother of Domino.
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Aww, they're all adorable!
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How sweet are they!!! Their gorgeous
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Aww They are all gorgeous!
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What sleepy heads you got! You know how cats are, they need their 22.5 hours of sleep a day or they will be cranky.

Love British shorthair cats, they are so beautiful and have sweet personalities.
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I know what you mean about the sleeping, I just played with tybby for about 15 mins and then he walked off and has now gone back to sleep again! Typical
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Their all too precious!!
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They're all gorgeous - I love black cats (can't understand why they are, apparently, difficult to rehome) and ginger cats (have 2!) and British Shorthairs are just so cuddly.
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