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British short hair (BSH)

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I have a silver spotted BSH cally Tybby (tybalt) and I love him to bits. But I do not have very much experiance with this breed and I was wondering if anyone knew how long it takes for them to get really chunky as they are meant to. Tybby is about a year and a half now and is still quite slender.

I would post a picture of him but I don't know how. Here is a link to a site with what BSH's look like for anyone who hasn't seen them

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Let's move this to our breeder's forum. Your babies are so beautiful! Picture posting info on the way!
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Unfortunately the cats on the site aren't mine though I wish they were was just showing what a bsh looked like because I know some people here are in the US and I wasn't sure how common a breed they are over there.
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Here is a picture of my BSH tybby now I have found out how to do photos (thanks again)

as you can see compared to the cats on the website I posted he is still quite slender.
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If he's a purebred BSH and not just a mix, it will take several years to fully mature - like 2-3 yrs.

A friend of mine who bred BSH's calls them "doorstops" cause they are pretty laid back and like posing in one position for a long time - like sitting in a window watching outside for hours
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He is a purebred have only ever owned moggys before so owning a pedigree is a bit strange for me thanks for you help
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Wow he's beautiful! I never knew silver spotted was an allowed color for the BSH. I love that pattern/coloration .
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He's got another couple of years to go yet before he's fully matured (3 -5 years) he neutered? If not, then working toms tend to be slimmer anyway...
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I know sometimes people like to wait on neutering BSH so they can develope more defined jowls. But at a year he should be all set in that regard.
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I neutered him at 6 months because he goes out when I am at home and I don't think that the world needs any more kittens! Plus he was starting to scent in the house I hope that he bulks out a little but if he doesn't he is hansom anyway!
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I think BSH's are allowed in every color but the pointed spectrum.
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I wonder where it came from though? You would need to outcross to a Mau or related cat to get the coloring. So depending on how far back that outcross occured will depend on how robust the body will be? Maybe I'm completely wrong here and BSH have been in this color for a long time....

I do think BSH are slow maturers and its to early to tell how big he will be. I think 2-3 years maybe up to 5 years you will really see what you are looking for.
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Possible but probably not. After all you have silver tabby American shorthairs - maybe that's where the silver gene came from. However the "black smoke" gene is in the silver gene spectrum.

I don't think every cat breed that has silvers in them, came from the Mau. I know that silver cornish rex didn't come from Maus - it really came from the black smokes.
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I meant Mau or that other silver breeds I just didn't want to list them. I'm sure the american shorthair was probably the choice as they are a stockier breed. Ocicats could bring in the spotted gene I suppose.
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The domestic comes in classic, mackeral and spotted. Just that the breeders clarified the pattern. I've seen some awesome mixed breed cats with classic/spotted patterns that a breeder would "kill" for Those types of cats would be valuable in a beginning gene pool.
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Yah classic spotted's were used in the beginning of the bengal breed as well.
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I have a british short hair blue, the breeder told me that it can take 2-3 years for them to become their full size. My cat is female and is due to have kittens any minute!!
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BSH's are another breed that is slow in full development. Usually its about 3-4 yrs old before they are at their best. A neutered male might develop a little sooner then a whole male.
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