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fleas and ticks

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My 8 week old kitten has fleas and ticks. The vet said he didn't want to put her on advantage or anything like that because she doesn't meet the weight requirement. She is the runt so she will always be smaller, but my parents don't want her in the house if she has them. What should I do?!?! Please help!!!
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Well how small is she? I mean, I would think the vet could put a half a kitten dose on her at least to help.
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Originally Posted by Jen
Well how small is she?

She is under two pounds.... her brothers and sister are quite a bit bigger than her. She goes back in June 8th so maybe he will decide to do something then, but I don't want my parents to get mad at me for keeping her here
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Is there another vet you could get a second opinion from? The fleas and ticks are surely doing this poor wee baby harm, especially since she is so tiny. There must be something they can do, even if it's to remove the ticks.
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2nd opinion
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Awww, the poor little thing! I think I'd go for a 2nd opinion, at least call around. In the meantime, go to Wal-Mart and buy a box of Borax. It's on the laundry detergent aisle, usually near the starch and Oxy-Clean type products. Confine the kitties to one room and sprinkle the Borax over all the floor surfaces. Let it sit for awhile, then vacuum it up. Also, be sure to wash all bedding in warm water with your regular laundry soap and Borax. Sprinkle it on any surface they get on. When you've got everything cleaned up, let the kitties out and clean the room where they were.

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Go to another vet. She can have a dose of revolution, they've done studies with it on 6 week old cats. I had a kitten who was 6 weeks old and he only weighed a pound and a half or so, and we still gave him revolution.
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I agree that a second opinion is in order. I believe a 1/2 kitten dose would cause no harm. The parasites are causing harm and discomfort. But I never do anything without confirming with the vet and weighing the risks with the benefits. Good Luck!
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