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Food Question

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We want to be prepared when we pick up out kittens on Friday, so I have a question about food...which is better...

Wet? Dry? Both?

Any info would be great!
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Wet food is best, but a wet/dry combo is probably better suited for an eating machine known as 'kitten'.
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I agree WET is best ... but a quality wet and dry combo will often work for your $$ and your growing kitten
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My personal preference is to feed my Sukiey dry food. My Vet has said that it's best to have her on dry food. I was feeding her canned at night and dry during the day, but lately I've only been feeding her dry - period. And, she hasn't been demanding the canned. I keep some on hand, just in case, though.

I feed Sukiey a combination of Purina One and Complete Choice dry food and the canned food I stock is 9 Lives.

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Definitley wet, and maybe free feeding some dry since your babies will be growing machines.
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I'd keep the kittens on the same identical diet the breeder has them on for at least a month or so. Less change is better for the young little "curtain climbers". Read about cat nutritition and make an informed decision. I've seen debates go on about canned, dry and BARF (raw) on the internet since, I got the net in 1977. I've tried them all since the early 60's and am still not sold on any specific one diet except ensuring one is making a measurable, informed decision. Understand the do's and don'ts, the necessary nutrients, the toxins and the caloric intake and you'll do fine. If your cat is living 15 years plus then at least you know you did right by them diet wise.

Back in the 60's we were not as well informed as now about diets. I had a cat that lived from 1963 to 1980 = 17 years. He beat the average by 3-5 years and this guy was a garbage disposal eating food scraps, cat food, mouse, fish you name it. He never saw a vet in his life. He was an outdoor cat and finally got hit by a car bless his soul. We are a lot more informed now and can do better by making informed decisions.

Lately, I've been trying a new game with a dry food-free feed system. I've been hiding food through out the house. I hide little bowls of dry food in various places. My two Bengal boys act like hunters and they hunt for the food. I find this really stimulates them and eliminates the bordom. I also hide Dried animal jerky and chicken claws around. They also try and keep it a secret from one other. Cats will smell each others butts to try and assess if they have a new different food source. 4000 years ago this is how cats found new food sources. I like to watch how my guys secretly stalk each other to see where the new food source is. It's a great game for them!

What ever you decide slowly change them over to the new diet over a period of 3 or 4 days.
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I agree with keeping them on what they are currently eating for a little while then gradually switch them over to what you want to feed them. As far as what is best I think a mixed diet of dry and wet is best (water might not be an issue at first - I've noticed my new kitten always has a nice, long drink of water straight after eating his dry food - but as they get older it is important they get enough water so some wet food is a good way of getting water into them). Whether wet or dry, buy the best quality foods you can afford - look for a high proportion of meat, minimum cereal and an absence of artificial flavourings and sugar.
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