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Here we go again.

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Good grief.. more babies. We came home this afternoon to find a stray mom in the middle of giving birth on our front porch. We have one of those plastic dog houses that snap in half in the middle with various pet things sitting in it including some blankets from when Angie gave birth that we stored in the plastic house. We had originally made it up for Angie but she decided she didn’t like it after a few days. Anyway we moved it outside after she disowned it and its been sitting on the porch this whole time waiting to be taken to our storage room across town. Well Ms. Stray mom decided it looked comfy and safe for her babies and started giving birth in it…….sigh. So far we have three kittens all boys (as far as I can tell) one is red and looks like he will be a fluff ball like his mom the others are black with white toes. I think and hope that mom is done as its been about an hour an a half since the last was born. Mom doesn’t have any tags or a collar and she is quite dirty. She is medium long haired and has some really bad mats around her tail and belly. She is very friendly and allowed me to cut away some of the hair on her belly so the babies could get to her to nurse. The cat/kitten count around here is now 12 so we are defiantly going to need some assistance. I want to get her scanned to see if she might be micro chipped because she seems like she may be someone’s baby. For tonight she and her babies are in the spare kennel with a blanket over it in our living room.

Today Angie’s kittens turned two months old and we were going to have a tuna party for our kitties but instead we had a birthing party and the new mommy got the tuna which she gulped down a bit ago like she hadn’t eaten in days. Poor girl I think she knows she is safe for now though. In the morning I am going to try to get in touch with someone before work.

Btw yes I will try and get some pictures soon… I know how yall are. But right now she is resting. I don’t want to make her too upset. I know there is not much yall can do but thanks for letting me share… I am really getting frustrated with everything.

Also an update on Ms. Angie... she is going in to be spayed this saturday.
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I think she could sense that you would bring her inside and keep her safe

Congrats on the unexpected new additions.
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Also an update on Ms. Angie... she is going in to be spayed this saturday.
That's great.

BTW....stray pregnant cats must know that you will take care of them and their kittens.

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I agree with the others that she knew your place was a safe one.

I know you must feel incredibly burdened right now with taking care of so many felines, so please accept my deepest thank yous for being such an angel to these unwanted and abandoned animals.
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As someone who has taken the responsibility for stray and/or needy cats in my own area, I know there can almost seem to be a brightly colored neon sign posted somewhere on your property ... invisible to most of us, but to needy cats, well ... it illuminates their way to us, seemingly guiding them so we can care for their needs.

It isn't easy. It can be extremely time- and labor-intensive, cost-prohibitive and the end results can be ... heartbreaking.

Please know that to those of us out here trying to do what we can with what we've got, you are an inspiration. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by gayef
almost seem to be a brightly colored neon sign posted somewhere on your property
I was just going to say that maybe she needs to take that sign off her front door "Kitties that need help stop here"

I'm glad she found you though! Good luck with all the kits, you'll be in my thoughts
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Thanks guys for your encouragement it means a lot. Stray momma cat gave birth to number four sometime last night after we went to bed. A female kitten colored just like her mother. I believe it is what you guys call tortie. She is mostly black with a bit of orange here and there, really beautiful. Everyone seems to be healthy and nursing really well. Momma gets a little skidish when we first walk into the room. She will hiss and growl and then she see’s it is one of us and calms down after a bit. We let her eat her fill of canned kitten food and she ate nearly three whole cans. She quit in the middle of the third and lay down as if she were stuffed to the gills. I don’t think she understands that there will be more food coming later so she wants to eat all she can hold while it is there. I called my vet this morning about her and he said to let her rest a day or so and then we will see about bringing her in to get her scanned for a microchip and checked out to make sure she is as healthy as she seems. Also one of the vet techs said she would be willing to take her and her kittens in while they grow since we already have a litter to care for. Her own beloved kitty passed away about two months ago and she said her house is just way too empty.

Also my fiancé said that its too awkward calling her stray momma if she is gonna be around here a few days so he nicknamed her “Blaze†as of this morning.
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wow! I know your probably feeling a little overwhelmed, but what a blessing I'd be honored if a momma kitty picked my porch to give birth on. I'm sorry your up to your ears in kittens, I bet they are soo cute though thank you for taking care of Blaze
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