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My dog is being put down tomorow

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My dog hasn't lived with me for two years since my ex-boyfriend's parents were nice enough to take care of him after me and my ex broke up.

I got that dog shortly after my 11th birthday. We got him at an animal shelter and were told he was approximately 1 to 1 and a half year old. That was in July 1989. My mom chose him because he seemed well behaved. But it didn't take long after he got home for him to prove her wrong

He's some sort of terrier mix and he was always very smart but too hyper to focus on anything. I still managed to teach him some tricks.

When I moved out of my parent's house, the dog stayed with them until a few days later they said they didn't want him anymore and were going to have him put down (he was 14 at the time). I said no way and took him to live with me, my then-boyfriend and his family.

He has spent the last two years with my ex-bf's family, being spoiled. He was always very healthy but apparently he has just gone downhill very fast. I wont even get to say goodbye.
At least he lived a long and healthy life (he's around 18 years old now) and he was happy. Now that he's not well anymore, it's just best to let him go.

Here's a recent picture of him:

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What a darling doggie.
RIP sweet boy.
Woof Woof
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sorry you have had to make such a hard choice. Please rest assured that your baby will understand. If he is not well you have made the right choice. You will both be in my thoughts & prayers. Know that you are supported on this site. Hugs & love coming to both of you.
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Oh I am so sorry! He looks like a wonderful dog, and its great that his needs are being thought of. But I am very sorry for you, you will both be in my thoughts.
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Aw, I know this is so hard for you. He was very lucky to have you and that you gave him a chance when your parents didn't want him anymore. He knows you love him.

He will soon be happy and free of pain, and will be looking down at you barking hellos.
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Oh look at his sweet face

Have a safe journey across the bridge sweetie, and be nice to the kitties when you see them
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Aww he has such a sweet face, it is so hard to make that sort of decision I too had to make it 3 years ago when my Kerri (aged 19) started to go down hill, she had the same face but was grey and white.

I still miss her maybe they will meet up over the bridge and play together.

Thinking of you
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I'm sorry your doggy has to go home may the lord welcome him with open arms.
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He was sure a cutie, and now he goes to his very important job of guarding Heaven...and your love for him will light the trail over to RB...
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog. I'm 44, and still remember my childhood dogs (Skip and Bridget). I have loved other dogs, but never been as close as when I was a kid.

Your dog still looked like a puppy! What a cutie! I'm sorry you weren't able to be there to say good-bye, but at least you know he was loved for all of his 18 years!
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Ok-now I am crying after reading this thread. He was such a darling doggie. May he RIP and play happily at the bridge.
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I'm so sorry. He looks a real sweetie. Just remember he had a good long life (especially for a dog!) and obviously was well loved. To send him gently on his way, when his health has gone significantly downhill, is a mercy and the most loving thing you can do. RIP sweet boy
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Oh, I'm so sorrry.... What a sweet little face. RIP little one...
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I just got an email from my ex. My little Coquin left for doggie heaven about an hour ago. My ex was there with him and he said he went really quickly.

Until now, I hadn't really felt sad and I didn't even cry. But now it just hit me. I'll never see my dog again.
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Just let the tears fall for a while Marie. Poor little Coquin, rest in peace!
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Awww, I'm so sorry to hear this.

Rest in peace sweetie
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I'm sorry to hear about you having to put your dog-baby down! That sucks! I hope that you feel OK!!!
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I am sorry for the loss of a furry family member but he lived a long and wonderful life being spoiled it seems. He is very adorable on the photo.

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