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As I have been posting I have a feral cat who had a little of kittens in my garage. She has been pretty good about allowing us kitten access, and has even tolerated us taking them out of the enclosure for a while. However, she is still not really comfortable with us touching her. The kittens are now 5 weeks old, and I want to make sure they are well socialized so they can find good homes (already have spots for most of them). I have been bringing them into the house for visits (back room, no other pets, tv on low) and I am wondering how long they can stay away from mom at this time. Right now they are sleeping in a pile under my chair. (they just had a good half hour romp around the room!).
thanks for any advice!
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At 5 weeks, they can be away from her for 3-4 hour periods. If there's any way momma can see you while you interact with them in the home, that would be ideal. She really needs to learn to trust too...every cat deserves a good home. The fact that she's letting you even near the kittens is a good sign...it tells me that she's beginning to trust. Bring momma in too, if possible, and if safe. If you have other animals, please make sure feral momma and kittens have absolutely no contact with your other pets. But please don't attempt to handle feral momma if she isn't ready...that could lead to serious injury for you and your family! Take it slow!
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we really want to help out mom as well. she has been a fantastic mom and has been a real trooper with us. we leave the door open when we bring the kittens in, so she can follow if she would like, but there is no way to make it so she can see. at the very least, I figure she can hear them and has the option if she choses. She seemed to spend the last session sleeping in her box. i think she was enjoying a little alone time!
thanks for the time frame. I just had them out for 2 h. they were sleeping under my chair in a little kitty pile.
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