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Vibes needed please - Pebbles is having her leg amputated tomorrow - Page 3

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Glad to hear about Pebbles . Sending {{{{{Feel Better Soon Vibes}}}}}
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Such good news! You have been through so much with her, let's hope she is now able to enjoy life again!
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I'm so happy to hear that all went OK!!!!!!!
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we are doing her booster then, as it was due last month, but has been put on hold with all this happening.
HOPE that is NOT her ANNUAL booster! Cat are NOT supposed to get annual shots any more! It is 3 years if at all!

My Corkie had a pain patch on her for a couple of weeks after HER amputation. She took it off herself - smart little gal!

Good luck to Pebbles AND to you! PLEASE feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
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It Thursday evening in the US.
Just wanted you to know that you and Pebbles remain in my prayers.
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MyBabies - I am in the UK, so we still do them annually. They were only vaccinated last year for the first time, I think I will do it a couple of years and then leave it.
So sorry I forgot to post, I came on the comp to update things, but must have forgot here!! You will have to let me know if you want to see pics. LAst nights update:
She is home, she has eaten, hopped about in the cage - tried to get out of said cage, and even got in and out of hte litter tray (didn't want to use it, it was just in the path of where she wanted to be!!). She looks quite funny actually, as her markings mean that her skin is black above the stitches, and pink under them!! Vet said that she has never seen Pebbles so happy, and the vet nurse commented on it, esp after the fight she put up yesterday. She says that she has known cats be a lot happier after something like this, and I did suspect it, I just hoped it would have happened after the first op. She is very purry, but I dont' know if that is happiness or pain relief. She is on 2 drops of Metacam a day, and is back on Tues for a check up, with the stitches out in 9 days. I do have pics if you want me to post them, just be aware that she has a bald patch, a row of stitches and only 3 legs, although it is hard to tell off the pics. Cost me less for this than it did the pin removal!!
This morning - still happily hopping round the cage, not been to the loo yet, so if not in an hour, will ring and see if I should take her with me when I take Tom for his monthly weigh in. STill a very happy girl, eating well, trying to clean herself - she does smell, so need to see where I can clean her when I am up in a bit.
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I'm so pleased how quickly Pebbles has adjusted!

You're both incredibly strong and brave!

Sending many speedy healing }}}VIBES{{{ Pebbles' way!
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This is wonderful news.
Please post Pebbles post surgery photos.
They might help people, who have cats that will undergo amputation surgery in the future, understand what to expect.

I am very relieved that Pebbles is doing so well.
You have people all over the world sending vibes, positive thoughts and praying for a quick recovery.
You are taking such good care of your girl.
Please update frequently.

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Thanks, I am ever so pleased now that the op is over and she seems so well in herself - everytime I open the cage door, she gets up to come and have a fuss. That is why I took them actually, as I struggled to find pics to know what to expect, I just didnt' want to post them without warning - not that I Am ashamed of them, she looks miles better than I was expecting. I am really surprised that I am more curious than anything else, and am quite non-plussed about it - think it helps that she is so happy though. I will continue to update.

Look see Mum, I can get in here!!

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Pebbles certainly looks happy! She's really getting into the swing of things!
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I am so pleased that Pebbles did well with her surgery. You are so wonderful to be taking such good care of her! This makes my day...seeing the cute pics of Pebbles!

I agree with you about shots...mine get at least the first two years consecutively. When you are in rescue and fostering...your babies can get exposed to a lot of unvaccinated cats, and I think the frequent vaccination is necessary.
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Ahhhh...just look at her.
Beautiful as ever and doing so well.

Thanks for posting Pebbles pictures.
Later, after things have calmed down, please add links to your previous threads about Pebbles leg, in this thread.

Someday...a member who is going through a similar situation, might fell less alone when they read about how you came to your decision to amputate..
I am so grateful that you did not give up.
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Pebbles looks wonderful! And i am so glad to hear that she's happier and feeling better. It must be quite a relief to be free from that chronic pain.

Re: vaccinations, i agree with Beckiboo. Since i'm fostering (and had a bad bout of the calicivirus from unvaccinated fosters), i'm not taking any chances with my two and they are going to be vaccinated at least for the first 3 years of their lives and then i'll decide from there depending on my fostering.
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Pebbles looks great and I am so happy for you both. I am sure she will be just as active on three legs as she was on four, and without the pain. It is wonderful news.
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I'm so happy to hear Pebbles is doing well!!!!! You can see the look of relief on her face in the pictures. She looks content. I hope everything continues to go quickly and smoothly w/ her recovery!
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She has had a wee but not a poo, but am not too concerned about that, with what has happened this week - although she hasn't eaten today, so could be related to lack of pooing. WAs sat in front of the cage last night with the door open to fuss her, and was trying to eat at the same time - in the time it took me to put some food in my mouth, she had got out of the cage and halfway over my crossed legs!!! So don't think it will take that long for her to recover.
Giving up on her was never an option, as I told my mum, she has too much life in her to do that to her. Even if she wasn't insured and I would have had to find all the money myself, I would have done it. I thought I had posted a link to the thread about advice, and that has a link to the initial thread?
I do also want to say a big thank you to everyone who gave me support through this difficult time, and helped me to come to a decision, as such drastic action was the best thing for her.
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I am so excited for you both.
Can hardly wait for your next Pebbles update.
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Yay Pebbles!

Sending continued healing }}}VIBES{{{ your way!
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She had a poo at teatime lsat night, so has been more interested in food - not eating large amounts, but I can cope with that as she is on cage rest. She is desperate to get out though, I popped her on the quilt between my legs yesterday as we were watching a film, and seh was quite happy - she does keep sleeping on the side with stitches, the daft cat. check up is on Tues, but I think the vet will be pleased (well, apart from the broken stitch!!)
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You are doing a wonderful job nursing Pebbles back to health.
You & your sweet girl remain in my prayers that soon Pebbles will be running around on her beautiful 3 legs, while you breath a big sigh of relief.

Thanks for the Pebbles update.
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Thanks for the update. It certainly sounds as if she's doing just fine, and will be completely up and about in no time.
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I remember when I brought Tommy home after is amputation (he was a stray so the recuperation was in the garage) I fixed up a spot and barricaded it shut and he jumped over it about 5 minutes after I got him settled in-the barrier was over 3 ft high!!! Don't feel like she has to be confined strictly to the cade until the stitches need to be removed. I think it helped a bit on recuperation to try to resume some of old habits.
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Gail - re the cage rest. The vet checked the size of the cage, and was happy as it means she can have a bit of exercise, as she is allowed to walk, but it is more in case she jumps, falls and lands on the stitches, as that would be incredibly painful and may need further sedation to re-stitch (which could be very tricky as it took her a long time to fully wake up from this op). So she is being allowed to come out of the cage and sit on the quilt in front of it, but no further, as I just don't think it is worth the risk, it is only 5 days since she had the op. She is due a check up with the vet tomorrow night, and we will then make the app for the stitches to be removed.
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awwww look at her Thankyou for sharing those photos and for your continued updates. Sounds like she will breeze through this recovery period which is wonderful news
Good luck at the checkup tomorrow
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My gosh! What you went through! I'm just joining in here (always a little behind ) but I just wanted to add in my good wishes and thoughts on a speedy recovery... she sounds like she's doing great!

I've never known a cat with three legs, but I did know a dalmatian like that. She kicked just as much butt as she did with four legs. Actually, I think she was more full of life after her surgery. If she's anything to go by, I think Pebbles will be livin' large in no time at all

My best to both of you!
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for tomorrow, how it goes well.
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She has just had another poo - and didn't have to have laxatives for this one, so I am so incredibly pleased, I think things are looking really positive. Hard to believe that this time last week the vet had agreed that we had to do the amputation, and that I was just waiting to hear if it would be on the Tues or not. I am sure the vet will be really pleased with her tomorrow.
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Definately sounds like she's recovering from the surgery quickly! Good luck tomorrow and keep us updated! {{{{More good vibes for Pebbles}}}}
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Hooray Pebbles...a normal poo.
Sending positive vibes for your vet apt. tomorrow.
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Sending prayers and vibes to Pebbles!
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