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Vibes needed please - Pebbles is having her leg amputated tomorrow

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Here is a bit of background


The vet has said she doesn't think we have any option but to amputate, so it has been booked in for tomorrow - one advantage with it being so soon is that I have no chance to get too worked up about it. so please send good vibes, as she is 11 and has always seemed a sickly cat.
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Poor baby MANY MANY MANY safe surgery vibes for Pebbles{{{}}}
Also sending many prayers your way
please keep us updated
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i will be thinking & praying for you & Pebbles tomorrow... & hoping that this will be the answer to her problems!
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Many prayers and vibes sent your way! Please keep us updated!
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I would like to visualize Pebbles as I pray for her tomorrow.
Would you post a photo of her. ((((hugs))))
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Oh, I'm sorry it has come to this, but I do hope that this is the end of Pebbles' issues!

Sending many }}}VIBES{{{ to you both for tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you both!
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Here you go, this was taken yesterday, she decided to sleep with her poorly leg held out. She has been told what is going to happen tomorrow, she ate quite a bit and has been sleeping in an odd place ever since!!

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Sweet Pebbles, you are such a pretty girl.
I will keep both of you in my prayers and thoughts and be watching for your updates.
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Vibes to you!!!! When my Tommie had his rear leg amputated he was sitting/standing up and eating the next morning after surgery. If you have any care issues after surgery when you get home please PM me.
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Precious Pebbles, I'm praying for you. You're such a brave little girl.
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Sending prayers to your Pebbles. I pray all goes well for her.
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Hope all goes well, will be thinking of you both tomorrow,
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{{{{sending many prayers and healing vibes for Pebbles}}}}

I will be Praying for your little girl tomorrow.

I have just read your posts about pebbles troubles with her leg and i can understand what you must be going through,My cat Meir had an accident 3 years ago,he had his leg crushed by a car, he was asleep underneath and didnt wake up when the car was started(he loves to sleep )
His leg was so bad the vet was going to amputate straight away,but i got a second opinion from another surgery and they patched his leg up with pins and a frame attached,He still has some pins in his leg.But it was touch and go for a long time over wether he kept his leg or not.

You have been through all the ups and downs over the past weeks and I am so sorry that it has come to this I will be thinking of you tomorrow.
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Sending my prayers for you both and many healing vibes for Pebbles.
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Both you and Pebbles remain in my prayers. (((hugs)))
Waiting for an update.
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Thinking of Pebbles and sending "be home soon and all be well" vibes.
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Sending many prayers for Pebbles and you.
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Pebbles - sweet angel - all will be better soon, you will see !!!

Mom and the doctors will take good care of you!!!

Plenty of huggs and kisses from Loki and I to your precious girl!!
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Sending save healing vibes to Pebbles & don't stress too much vibes to you....
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Good vibes for the surgery and a speedy recovery.
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Hugs and prayers to Pebbles and you!
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LOTS OF VIBES!!!! From us all. TONS OF VIBES!!!!!! Pebbles be strong!
Elizabeth and S3

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Well, the saga that is Pebbles's leg isn't over. Dropped her off at 8.30, and got them to weigh her - she has gone up to 4.23, which is very bizarre as she has never weighed that much while I have owned her, and she was 3.63 two weeks ago. But the strangest thign was that I was so calm about it (although the vets might think I am odd, as I took a t-shirt, pair of socks and a weeks worth of food with me!!) - the poor receptionist was squirming while checking I knew what was going to happen. At 1.50 the vet rang, which was a bizarre time, and explained that they had had 2 emergencies, so she wouldn't have time to do it, so she was going to keep her overnight, and do the op tomorrow, so by lunch time tomorrow, I will know how things have gone on. Also means that I can't pick her up till Fri. So, can I be cheeky and ask for more vibes tomorrow please?
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Have you got any finger nails left? I would be a nervous wreck by now. Lots of vibes coming your way.
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Prayers and vibes to Pebbles .
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Anakat - I have never bit my nails, and my long nails are something I am very proud of, and hate breaking one!! I am surprised at how calm about it all I am, esp seeing as how long this has all taken - I checked my diary yesterday, and when I picked her up, the vet nurse said that there shouldnt be any further probs with that leg - and look at the month we have had (it is 4 weeks and 2 days since her first op, 4 weeks and 3 days since she first started with issues). And while the op will sort out the issues we have had for the past month, it brings new issues, so this isn't even the end of things for us. I am sure things like this make us a better person.
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Originally Posted by Anakat
Have you got any finger nails left? I would be a nervous wreck by now. Lots of vibes coming your way.
i would be very upset, as well, having prepared myself for today...but sure, vibes & prayers for tomorrow, now!
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Please have them provide Pebbles with a Pain patch - that way you will not have to give her pain meds and it will also lessen the stress on you and baby girl.

I am constantly thing about her and sending you both healing prayer.
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sending lots of hugs and prayers...
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Oh my...a delay.

I would ask the vet about using a pain patch post surgery.
That is a good idea.

I have heard many positive things about kitties who thrive after amputation...
hopefully soon after a rapid and uneventful healing, Pebbles will thrive too.

Of course you and Pebbles remain in my prayers.
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