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Suncreen reminder

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I am not sure if anyone has done it yet, but I think it is a good idea to remind all those with white cats who have summer coming up that they should put sun cream on their cats if they are likely to get any sun on them, even lying in an open window. White cats can easily get burned, and can develop skin cancer. I have started it on my three, and I use Nivea for children, factor 30, which is strong but gentle on their skin. They hate it but I line them up each morning and dab a blob of cream on each ear, stroke it in on both sides, inside and out, and finish with a dab on the nose!
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Aha, that answers my question as to whether mine need it if they are going to be inside sunbathing. Did ask the vet, but PEbbles has other health issues that are more important at the mo.
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Great reminder, Jenny! I'll be picking up a new bottle - for Mol and Wil - tomorrow!
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Thank you, Jenny, excellent reminder!
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Wow, I had no idea, thanks for informing everyone!
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Thanks for that reminder Jenny! I was wondering what I could put on their ears that would be safe for them. Should sunscreen be applied to their noses, too?? I never thought about there...
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And since you have the sunscreen out and in use put some on yourself too!!
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Thanks so much for the reminder! This will be Claire's first summer with me and considering how much she enjoys spending time on the porch, I'll definitely be using sunscreen.
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