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Friday's DT

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Well here I am on TCS when I should be studying for a big test I have at noon. I applied for a supervisor position at work and I have a 2 hour written test to do. Instead of studying last night, I rented Ocean's Eleven instead. If I get the job it will be a miracle.
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Good luck on your test! I can understand wanting to spend the evening with Brad Pitt and George Clooney instead of studying!!!:tounge2:
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Well, I am off to work! Nothing much to do this weekend. Probably tke the kids either to the park or the zoo. Its a hot one today. Its 96! Its going to cool down for week which is okay. I was thinking if its getting this hot this early that I can imagine July and August to be in the triple digits! YIKES! Hey Ady or any Canadian residents? Have room up there for me and rascal while escape the heat? Its going to be unitl October when itss starts to cool down again?

Anyway, I woke up this morning to find Rascal lying in my bed with his head on my chest. He was looking at me upside down and when I started to stroke his neck he started purring. He then kissed me on the lips. Great way to wake up!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!
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Sure you can stay at my place anytime, but I have to warn you if this summer is like last summer, Toronto will have record highs again this year (in the 90s). Well, I just finished my test. I am kind of glad I didn't study too much. Most of what people were studying wasn' even on the test. It took me 1.5 hours to answer 10 questions. I have writer's cramp. I feel that I did really well, even in the one question I had to BS. Looking forward to the weekend now - going to see my new niece tomorrow - yeah! I hope everyone has a great day and a fabulous weekend.
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Cleo got me up at 5 today. She found the ball with the jingle bell in it and was playing Hall Soccer with it. I haven't seen that particular ball in a couple of months. I try to put it in a drawer at night to keep from things like this morning happening. It's in a drawer now.

Weekend? We're upgrading my computer lab to Windows 2000 this weekend, so I have to come to work. I'm also coming in Monday because I don't believe the tech guys when they say it'll get done Saturday and Sunday and work smoothly next week. If they need me after Monday they're SOL because I'm taking the rest of next week off.
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