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It's Driving Me Crazy ! !

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That Allstate commercial with the exaggerated country accent gets on my last nerve: "We've got LUVS TO LEE-UV" I'll bet that girls from the Bronx! For those who don't understand, the words are "lives to live." It's driving me crrraaazy! (I hope she's not someone's favorite country artist.) What's your gripe?
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My gripe is my next door neighbours. They are hardly ever home, yet bought themselves a Bernese Mountain Dog. The wife is obsessively neat and refuses to let the dog anywhere in the house except the basement (he slobbers). This is a very friendly dog, who just wants to be with his owners. He basicly barks all day and most of the night. It is bad enough when our windows are closed, but now that they are open, I can't sleep. He never shuts up until about 2 am. He only gets taken for a walk maybe once a day. I am not mad at him - he justs wants attention - but his owners should have more consideration for him and for their neighbours.
Ok sorry for venting!

Jeanie - we don't have that commercial in Canada.
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People who wear too much cologne or perfume, especially in a work setting. Don't get me wrong, I wear scent, but overpowering odors trigger my migraines. Plus, do I really need to smell you coming down the hall?
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Where to begin. It's the end of the school year, and my students (middle schoolers) think they should have movies and parties everyday until the last day. I'm working, and they should be, too.

Students who think they deserve an A because they have sat quietly and done all their work. They don't discriminate between quantity and quality.

A school district which has eliminated a guidance counselor position at each middle school. This leaves 1 person to deal with the problems of 670 adolescents. The 2 that are there this year could hardly keep up. We are getting 3 new quasi-administrative people per school, who are supposed to help with the counseling. And deal with teacher questions and discipline issues. Right. That will work.

OK, I'm done now, that's for letting me vent. (I have more, but I'll save it for later )
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Folks that go to work and then play instead. Surf the net, chat with their neighbors, have little birthday parties in the cubes, etc. Either way I'm screwed - either the work is not getting done and it's left to the rest of us to do, or they have nothing to do and they are taking up valuable salary budget that should be shared between the rest of us working hard, with the players being fired. Or the business is giving p-poor service and we're not getting the revenue we could.

ONE of the reasons why I'm looking for another job. Yes I know it goes on ALMOST everywhere, but this place is one of the worst.
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The Football World Cup - I have now become a football widow, as my partner spends all day updating his football website, talking to his friends about football, and watching matches and commentators talking about matches.

Yes, David Beckham (phwoar) is lovely to look at for 5 minutes, but I just don't care about the other 85 minutes of a game. (If the ladies want a treat try www.paulsworld.co.uk/beckham)

I should of gone of holiday to the States to escape from the football mania that has swept the UK and the rest of the world.
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The AOL commercials are annoying as heck! At work, upstairs in the cafeteria, they have it turned to CNN. I don't understand what is so great about AOL!
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Flimflam, you're right, David Beckham is very nice to look at. I used the link you put up.

Here in the US we're in the middle of Hockey and Basketball championships. Sports mania continues in certain areas, here, too.
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I wonder who can't read very simple signs. We have a sign on the front door of the shop at eye level, in BIG, BOLD, BLACK letters that reads "no children allowed". Either people will walk look at it and walk past it or will ask the absolutely ridiculous question "Does that mean no children allowed inside or does it mean children can't get a tattoo?" People who bring their kids there never watch them, that is the reason for it. The owner has a $35,000 (yes, thirty five thousand) Titan motorcycle in there and people have let their kids play on it. They have allowed them to pull frames off the wall and even expected the women who work there to babysit. Then they want to get mad if you don't make an exception for "my baby". I don't understand why anyone would want to bring their kids there. My daughter was 15 before she was allowed to visit the shop where we worked.
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I understand what you mean. I worked for 5 years in a piano store. We sold Baldwin, Steinway and Yamaha grands, and provided pianos (on loan) for concert artists. Our Steinway grands started at $25,000. That was the smallest Steinway grand available. We also had 9ft. concert Baldwins and Yamahas, and many consoles for families. Nothing in that store cost less than $3,000. Yet, many parents were insulted when we asked that the children not play the pianos unless they were considering a purchase and needed to consider touch and tone. I always approached the children and parents very gently, but some parents think their children deserve to play Chop Sticks on a $50,000 grand!
On the other side of the coin, we allowed the piano teachers to hold their recitals there on a Sunday afternoon, and there was a sign on the door saying that no sales would be conducted while the recital was in progress. Still, with all the lights off-except for those on the "artists," people wanted us to ring up sheet music. A recital is a frightening, but thrilling time in a child's life. The child deserves respect and quiet attention when playing. It's her first "stage" appearance.
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