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This really isn't about cat health, more about my health (being pregnant) and taking care of two new kittens! I know it is recommended that you not change cat litter when pregnant (anyone have more info on this), now what about littler training them, as I am the one who is home all day long and will be doing MOST of the training? How can I protect my health, but still give them the care they need??

Please help!

Thanks in advance!
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Use proper sanitation. Toxoplasmosis is the concern here. Most cats do not carry this but some do (it effects them to and need to be treated if they have it, but not common). You would have to ingest it or have some blood contact with it. So as long as you use proper sanitation there is no concern for you to clean the litter box.
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if it would make you feel safer, I would suggest maybe wearing a surgical mask and gloves when around the litter, if I ever became pregnant that is what I would do
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Thank you both! I wondered if it was something I could do with gloves and a mask, thanks for answering so promptly!! You all are wonderful help!
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