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Spay scar?

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Hi - We have just had our last kitten fixed (yay!) - she had to have the spay incision on her belly as opposed to on the flank the way it was done in her mother. Its been almost 1 week and her scar seems to be healing but there is a raised lump beneath the incision.

Is this the operation scar or is it an infection? She seems to be very healthy, and the scar itself does not look infected, red, or feel too warm. She is going back to the vets in a few days to have her stitches removed anyway...
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That sounds like normal scar tissue and it will soften up as her body absorbs it.

My Ginger had to have a belly-button hernia fixed when she was spayed, and she had a hard lump where the skin flaps were sewn back together. That was 7 months ago, and her belly feels completely normal now, although the lump lasted for a few months.

Nothing to worry about, but go ahead and ask the vet when you bring her in for the stiches to be taken out, just to be sure.
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