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Hello to you all

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I am new to the joys of forums - in fact this is the first one that I have joined, so please be gentle with me.

I am owned by two cats:

Alf: 5 years old neutured male, black and white moggie, currently asleep on the TV, but may mooch outside if the weather forecast is good, or if he feels the need to hunt for new elastic bands (the postman drops them sometimes)

Ronnie: 2 years old neutured female, ginger and white tabby, (she is spell-checking this post for me from on top of the PC), she runs everywhere and is full of naughtyness

They are both rescue cats and I don't feel I could ever "buy" a cat from a breeder..... but does that discussion need a new thread? Yes, I think so.

Thank-you all
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Hi, flimflam! Welcome to the CatSite! This is the first forum and only forum I have ever joined. You didn't tell us where you live, but I think it's in the U.K. because we have other members who use the word "moggie." Or perhaps, like me, your parents are from the U.K. Well, there are people here from Belglium, Israel, Finland, the U.K. and all the states. I don't know how many countries are represented, but we all love cats and enjoy the fellowship here. Enjoy!
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Welcome to the site. This was also my first forum to join and now 7 months later I have over 1450 posts. It is addictive being with such supportive people and fellow cat lovers. I hope to see you posting often!
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Welcome to the site! This is a great place to "get your feet wet" with forums. This was also the first forum I joined. But be forewarned - this place is very addicting. Too many nice people and good discussions.

Your cats sound like a real joy to have around. Never a dull moment, at least not at my house!

I hope to get to know you better from your posts. Glad you came to join us, and already jumped right in on the other forums!
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