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I will be moving to a new house in a month or so, and I was looking for suggestions on how to make this easier on the boys. I don't anticipate problems with Joey: he is the adventurer. Whenever there is a change in the house, he is right in the middle of it. Squirt, on the other hand, is the one who dislikes changes in the routine or the environment. Plus, the current owner of the house I am buying has a cat, so that scent will be all over the place.

Do you think I should take the cats over there before I actually move in? ( like while I'm working on bringing over things a little at a time).

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
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My boyfriend and I have moved with our cats a number of times. We have found that they are generally timid in their new surroundings at first (they've been known to find very good hiding places), but do best when we are around and avaible to them. I recommend that your cats should be among the very last things that you bring. Bring them to the new place when you will be there for an extended period of time, i.e., a full afternoon/evening. That way, they'll have you, and items they're familiar with present in the new place from the get-go.

Good luck!
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Yeah, I would get most of the stuff over there first. You dont want to disrupt them too much. If you are going to be back and forth then make sure and keep them in a secure room where you know they can not get out. They tend to sense something is going on. When you are going to be at the new place for good, bring them over. They will feel much better without people in and out all day and smelling stuff that they had in the old house.
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Well, the actual move is going to be gradual. I think I'll be spending a couple of weeks moving as much small stuff as I can, and save all the heavy furniture for one big moving day. I was thinking of bringing them over in the evenings as I putter around putting things away and doing chores. I thought it might give them a chance to get a little used to the new place. Bad idea?

I never really moved in stages before. The last time it was just Squirt and done all in one day. I did the "secure him in the bathroom" routine, and he went along on the last trip, just as everyone suggets.

This time will be different, so I thought about bringing them over while I work and let them get used to the new place, too. I guess I'm thinking about it, because I know the move itself will be stressful. I'm concerned that the first time they enter the new place, they'll smell another cat to boot.
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Honestly you know your cats the best. In my experience, they may get more stressed by being brought back and fourth. If I were moving gradually, I would get all the little stuff over and the night before I brought the big stuff, I would put them in one of the bedrooms and let them stay in there while I brought in the big stuff. Once all was inside, I would let them out to explore. Just the way I would do it.
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Thanks Sandie. I am not worried about Joey at all. He has his paws in everything all the time. Squirt on the other hand hates his environment being messed with. I bought a new daybed for my second bedroom this past weekend. Joey had his nose in on every pahse of unpacking and set-up. Squirt retired to under a bed in the other room.
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I am sure it will be okay. I have roughly 3 sensitive kittys. 2 moved from Ca to Ct with me. They were very shy and upset at first and then they eventually got out from under the furniture. Squirt I am sure will show discontent but I am sure he will learn to appreciate the wonderful new home. You will have to let us know how it goes on moving day!!
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I would also avoid taking them back and forth and would take them over the night before the big day and secure them in a bathroom or other locked room (so the movers don't accidentally open the door).

Don't forget to have them wear up to date ID tags!
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Movers?!? What movers? Being on a budget here, I AM the movers! lol.
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