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Vet. First?

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I have already read the Sticky thread "Inappropriate Peeing Problems Answered" and still need some answers for my situation.

Kira is not spayed, almost 5 years old. Recently she's been peeing on our futon bed/couch in the living room. After taking disciplinary action she still does it.

Basically I'm posting to find out if I should try the remedies in the sticky post first, or take her to the vet. first. We haven't been to a vet. is such a long time.

What do you recommend?

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A trip to the vet is definitely in order, especially since she hasn't been in a long time. Best to rule out anything medical first.

Also, you really need to get her spayed. Left unspayed she's at a risk for developing mammary cancer or pyometra (an infection in the uterus which if left untreated can be fatal). She'd be so much happier too, not having to deal with being in heat. Plus, you won't have to worry about her getting pregnant.

Welcome to TheCatSite, BTW!!
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Its normal for unspayed cats to pee in places that they consider their territory. It is quite likely that this is marking behavior. Spaying should help fix the problem. Also thoroughly clean the offending spots while she is gone so the smell won't entice her to continue.

We deal with this with our unspayed girl. It is something you have to accept if you leave her unspayed.
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Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!

I don't want to sound like my kittie's got a price tag. Financially speaking, what's the vet. like? Is it expensive?
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Your best bet is to call around to the different vets in your area and see what their costs are. They can vary, depending on where you live (here in Nova Scotia for example, vet fees outside Halifax are usually less than what I pay in the city).
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I see you're in Toronto as well - I would expect to pay around $60 for an exam, more if additional care (medication, testing) is needed. Spaying at a veterinary clinic is around $300, but if you call the Toronto Animal Services low cost spay/neuter clinic spaying will only cost $80, I believe (they have a waiting list of about a month, however). Good luck, I hope you're able to sort out your kitty's peeing problem and get her spayed.
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You need to spay her...for us it was about $170 I think in London, Ontario.
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Low for low cost clinics or mobile clinics or even free ones.
Do a google search because they are all over the place.

Please please spay her. It is so much healthier and you don't want her to get cancer when she is older do you? Please do not dicipline her either! She is most likely doing it because she isn't spayed.

Any reason you waited this long?
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Welcome to the site, Ryan. Thank you for caring enough about your kitty to seek answers. I agree with the others that Kira needs prompt professional attention. Most of us feel that the cost of Veterinary care for our kitties is irrelevant if it means keeping them in good health. This is excellent advice to call around for a Dr with the best rates, and many Vet. clinics will work out a payment plan to fit your budget.
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When I call around, what exactly do I tell them & ask for? (for my situation)
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Just tell the vet what you told us -- that your cat is urinating outside the litterbox and that she is unspayed. You can ask how much the exam and urinalysis will cost and then how much they will charge to spay her.

Good luck!
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